45 Cutest Hairstyles for Girls Popular in 2022

One of the best ways to get your little girl to express her cuteness is to style her hair. Regardless of your little girl’s hair, many different styling options are available. To make your life easy, we thought of sharing 50 of the cutest hairstyles available for girls in 2022. Using these hairstyles, you can get your little girl to stand out from the crowd with cuteness.

1. Bubble Rubber Band Designed Hairstyles for Girls

If you are searching for a super-cute hairstyle, going ahead with a bubble rubber band design is something you will not regret. This is one of the best hairstyles available to keep hair away from the face of your little one.

2. Crown Braid Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Instead of just going for a ponytail hairstyle, you may think about going ahead with a crown braid ponytail for your little girl. It will make her look perfect with a ponytail.

3. Pull-through Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a sweet addition to hair. If you wish to keep hair long, pull-through bubble braids are a great option available to consider as of now.

4. Fancy Messy Bun Updo

A fancy messy bun updo can deliver a face-framing effect, even in the messy look. It can make your little girl look more adorable.

5. High Ponytail with Circle Braids Hairstyles for Girls

A high ponytail with circle braids is great, and if you are taking your girl for a special event, this is a hairstyle that you can consider without a doubt.

6. Two Colorful Pigtail Dutch Braids Hairstyles for Girls

Instead of keeping Dutch braids plain, you may color them. Above shown is a perfect two colorful pigtail Dutch braids idea that you can consider.

7. Cute Rubber Band Hairstyle with Pigtail Braids

If your girl has thin hair, you may go ahead with this cute rubber band hairstyle. It comes with pigtail braids, which can complement thin hair.

8. Plaited Bun Bubble Braids

Plaited bun bubble braids are ideal for anyone looking forward to a relaxed hairstyle. In addition, this easy-to-achieve and sweet hairstyle are ideal for anyone wishing to get simple-looking hair.

9. Feathered Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle is a perfect option if your girl has naturally textured hair. A feathered braid ponytail will let your girl express her natural style.

10. Heart Pull-through Braids Hairstyles for Girls

Instead of just giving braids, you can get your girl to have a heart shape with hair through this style. It is one of the best-looking cute hairstyles to consider as of now.

11. French Braid Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

The French braid ponytail is a versatile and stylish hairstyle. French braids can add more color and glamour to the ponytail and make it look beautiful.

12. Tri-Connected Dutch Braids

These braids provide the look and feel of a princess to your girl with the tri-connected style. So if you want to make your girl look like a princess, you should go for it.

13. Winnie Bun Pull-through

Are you planning to get a pull-through hairstyle for your girl? Then you may consider going ahead with this Winnie bun pull-through style. You cannot get anything every day, but it is ideal for special occasions.

14. Inter-cross Cute Rubber Band Ideas

Any parent who wants to give the little girl a break from natural hair may proceed with the inter-cross cute rubber band style. It can make your girl’s hair look stylish.

15. Twisted Top High Pony Hairstyles for Girls

A high ponytail is a better option than an ordinary hairstyle. So you may go ahead with this twisted top high ponytail hairstyle and make your little girl’s hair look amazing.

16. Zigzag Box Rubber Band Hairstyles for Girls

Zig zag box rubber band style is feminine and romantic. It can deliver a perfect and sophisticated look for special occasions your little girl is planning to attend.

17. Two Cute Interlacing Pony

If your girl has messy hair, you may go ahead with this relaxed yet versatile hairstyle by getting two cute interlacing ponytails. It is a perfect method available to combine two ponytails.

18. Mermaid Bubble Ponytail

Do you plan to be more complex with braids? Then you may consider going ahead with this Mermaid bubble ponytail hair idea. It is a perfect method available to make your hair look versatile.

19. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch braids are one of the favorite hairstyles from the 80s. This hairstyle is still popular. Anyone who wants to bring up cute looks with an effortless updo may go ahead with this hairstyle.

20. Mid-Part Connected Crown Braid Pony Hairstyles for Girls

The mid-parted crown braid pony is a perfect hairstyle that combines ponytails with braids. With this hairstyle, you can add more volume to your hair and make it look cute.

21. 4-Strand Braids with Ribbons Hairstyles for Girls

4-strand braids are ideal for any girl with relatively short but straight hair. The ribbons can deliver a perfect look to your girl’s hair and make her look cute.

22. Tight Loop Ponytail Braids

Tight loop ponytail braids are among the best hairstyles available to take natural hair to the next level. It is ideal for little girls who are attending special events.

23. Half French Braid Pony

Half French braid pony is a hairstyle that can add more weight to your child’s hair. It is ideal for any girl with thick blonde hair.

24. Looped Braided Ponytail

Looped braided ponytails are great for girls because they are not just cute but also a youthful addiction to any hairstyle. You can make your baby look amazing with the help of this hairstyle.

25. Fab and Funky Hairstyles for Girls

Let your child have fun while experimenting with appearance through this fan and funky hairstyle. You can style the appearance of your little girl’s hair based on your preferences.

26. Messy Half Hair Bun

Any girl who has messy hair may think about getting a half bun instead of a fun messy bun. This is one of the simplest and more practical options to get a pony.

27. Lavish Slant Pull-through Braids

As the name suggests, this cute hairstyle for your girl can deliver a lavish look and feel with the help of pull-through braids. It is a great way to pull hair away from the face.

28. Zigzag Two Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Zigzag two-braided ponytail is a cooler hairstyle available for warmer hairstyles. The two ponytails will keep the hair looking cute on the face by appearing from two sides of the face.

29. Separated Loose Pull-through Hairstyles for Girls

Loose pull-through hair is one of the most popular hairstyles that you can find among young girls. Enhance its looks by getting separated loose pull-through hair.

30. Blunt Curl Half Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

A blunt curl half ponytail is a versatile hairstyle. It will help you create a simple look or an intricate look, depending on your preferences.

31. Beautiful Bow Braided Pony

Any girl with long hair may think about going for a look like this bow braided long ponytail hairstyle. It is a perfect method to prevent breakage and friction of your hair.

32. Adorable Two Bubble Braid with Heart

There are multiple hairstyles to choose from. Hairstyles that will make your child have fun and express herself. Among those hairstyles, this adorable two-bubble braid is a great hairstyle, which can be improved with the help of heart shapes.

33. Ballet Full Bun Hairstyle

A ballet full bun hairstyle is something that can make your girl proud. Any girl who doesn’t just want to go for a plain bun may go for this.

34. Curved Tight Bubble Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Curved tight bubble braids are a great option if your girl prefers to have a dramatic crimped look. A bubble braid hairstyle can also help your little one to be able to express herself with her hair.

35. 5-strand Ribbon Braid Hairstyles for Girls

5-strand ribbon braids offer a textured look to the long blonde hair of your girl. Make sure you use a protective spray to keep the good looks of this hairstyle for a longer time.

36. Caramel Blonde Pull-Through

If your girl has caramel hair, you should go ahead with this pull-through hairstyle. It can look simple or detailed as per the preferences that you have.

37. Accent Braid Pigtail

Braid pigtails are a youthful, wonderful addition to any hairstyle. This is a perfect way for your little girl to get a pigtail on her hair.

38. Full Cornrow Ponytail

Any girl with curly hair may try out the full cornrow ponytail hairstyle. It can easily bring a dramatic look to hair.

39. Two Tone Bow and Rubber Band Bubble Braid

Anyone planning to get a straightforward approach to making hair look great can go for this. You can add floral details to your hair and make it look perfect.

40. Two Connected Dutch Braids Hairstyles for Girls

Two connected Dutch braids hairstyles are ideal for anyone looking for a special hairstyle. If your child attends a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party, you may get this hairstyle for her.

41. Lovely Flatten Crown Braid Pony

Getting a crown braid pony is a great way to achieve a simple and personalized look for your girl. This lovely flattering hairstyle is ideal for anyone who wishes to get long hair to look beautiful.

42. Cornrow Micro Braid Ponytail

If your girl is looking for a pretty and practical hairstyle to make her look cute for a special event, you can consider trying this cornrow micro braid ponytail.

43. Fancy Mini Tied Ponytails

Fancy mini-tied ponytails can deliver a 90s feel to your girl’s hair. You can add clips to braided hair and keep hair away from falling into the face.

44. French Lace Braid with Mini French Plait

French lace braid hair looks amazing if it is combined along with a mini French plait. This is a cute-looking hairstyle, which can look amazing with flower ties.

45. Braid Accent Half Pony with Bow Hairstyles for Girls

If your girl wants to combine pony with braids, you should try this; This half pony hairstyle is ideal for any girl with curly hair as you can keep natural curl hair falling at the bottom.

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