Best Hairstyles from braids for girls with step by step

Variety of braid hairstyles

To begin with, it is worth mastering the basic classic types of weaving. Run a simple three-strand braid, go to the French, then overcome the inverted and fishtail.

There are more complex options: four-strand, five-strand. For each of them, we will provide a detailed explanation with diagrams and step-by-step descriptions. But as soon as everything starts to seem boring and mundane, then our pigtails for girls will come in handy: 100 hairstyles with step by step photos.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Bangs are not at all a hindrance when doing any hairstyles. Some styling even look more attractive and elegant with this haircut element. Therefore, you can safely combine any hairstyle with bangs.

Every girl wants to look beautiful since childhood, so you need to attach considerable importance to her hairstyle. There are tons of options for long hair, so choose the right styles for different events and ages of young fashionistas.

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Of three strands

Simple and feature-rich braids. The principle of weaving is very easy: the diagram shows that each time the side strands are placed in place of the central one in turn.

Just braid the entire mass of hair into a tight braid, or stretch the links a little to the sides. If the volume of the girl’s hair allows fantasy to roam, then weave such a mega design, as in the photo:

Or tie a ponytail at the back of your head and weave several braids from it, twist them into a bun and secure with invisibility.

Master class with braids on the tail and ribbon

The hairstyle is suitable for daily visits to school or classes at dance clubs. A smooth fairing will completely remove the hair from the face, and a tight braid will help long curls not get frizzy all day.

Tousled braids

The main condition is carefully elongated sections in each small pigtail, which give the impression of an openwork lace of the overall design.

spring braid

The feeling of the first rays of the sun is given by bouquets of bright flowers in red hair. The hairstyle itself demonstrates how to braid a girl’s braid beautifully and simply, spending no more than five minutes on it.

Unusual ideas from an ordinary braid

It would seem that the options are over, but it is not. See how many interesting things you can come up with from the most elementary three-strand.

High braid bun

YouTube channel Kait Nichole

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 2 rubber bands.
  • Hairpin-bow.

How to do

Gather your hair into a high ponytail. Divide it into three parts and braid the pigtail. Wrap it around the base and secure the bun with an elastic band, leaving a small ponytail. Decorate your hair with a bow.

French straight and reversed

It is worth starting training with the classic version. It is called a spikelet or a dragon. The principle of execution is similar to a simple braid with the difference that side strands are added in each link. The location and number of braids will drastically change the hairstyle.

When your fingers have learned to control the strands and unmistakably sort them out, move on to the complicated reverse version of the braid. They differ only in that the side strands do not overlap on top, but go under the bottom of the middle curl.

This is how beautiful and impressive weaving looks as a result.

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A common variant of hair decoration for girls. The flowers stabbed inside the structure look especially beautiful, which help to create the feeling of a filled basket. Look at the picture. Weaving begins at one temple, passes along the edge through the other, descends and turns inward already in free weaving.

The second version of the basket is often performed with a roller if the hair’s own volume is not enough. It begins with the fact that the occipital part is separated in a circle, the tail is tied and weaved with the marginal hair.

Lesson: Learn how to weave a simple French headband inside out.

Beautiful decor ideas with ribbons and flowers in the photo.

Video tutorial: French braid with lace braid

An excellent tutorial from YouTube with step-by-step instructions for making a beautiful and easy hairstyle that even novice craftswomen will like.

Three in one

Another styling from the category of simple, understandable and accessible to everyone. Good for home use. Its main idea is that the two side ones are made with a spikelet, and the central one is woven from a triangle left in advance near the forehead in any way you like. It all ends with a neat ponytail.


The pictures show that classic French weaving is used, and the highlight of the hairstyle is the format in which one braid crosses the other.

See how else you can implement such an idea using the twisted way.


A complex, but incredibly effective braid, braided in circles. Decorate it with invisible, hairpins with flowers or butterflies made of stones, pin a bow, add a ribbon, release a couple of curly curls around your face and you can safely go to the holiday.

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How it is performed is better to look at the video.

openwork rose

If making a snail does not seem difficult to you, then such a hairstyle will generally seem like a “minute”. Just follow the direction of the braid, and wrap its free edge into a neat flower and secure it with invisibility.

Two parallel

At all times, schoolgirls were associated with two pigtails on their heads, often they ended in magnificent beautiful bows. Twenty years ago, such a hairstyle was done on the first of September and on the last call.

Here’s how to weave braids for girls: step by step instructions in pictures. If desired, at the very end, you can pull the links in different directions, giving splendor and additional volume.

With kanekalon

In the modern world, the bow has been replaced by kanekalon — a bright synthetic material that allows you to increase the volume of thin hair and significantly lengthen it. Suitable for short hair from 10 centimeters. It is woven into one braid, two parallel ones, a basket, and wonderful Afro-braids or zizi are made, which facilitate the process of caring for children’s hair, this is especially useful during a vacation at sea. In addition, the child will be happy to see his image so bright and extraordinary. How to weave kanekalon, read the article.

Braids with buns

A universal hairstyle for first-graders and fashionable teenage girls, consisting of two braids through the entire head and cones.

Step-by-step execution clearly demonstrates that there is nothing complicated in a hairstyle if you know how to weave reverse braids.

Weave the second half after the model throws her head forward. Start at the back of your head. Connect the ponytails into a braid and wrap it around its axis.

Interesting options

Children’s simple hairstyles for every day — top 5

If a girl loves her loose curls, make the following simple hairstyle. Take the strands from the face and weave a French pigtail, grabbing not all the strands on the sides and fasten into the tail in the crown area, leaving the lower strands loose. This will open the girl’s face, creating a charming and gentle image.

The next baby styling option shows how to make two tails in an unusual way. So, having collected two tails on the sides, separate a small strand from each. From them weave pigtails and wrap them around the tails. When finished, secure the braids with invisibility.

Girls are very fond of a bow of hair. Charming hairstyle for a celebration. When creating this image, you can use all the hair, or you can only use the upper part, leaving two ponytails and twisting them. You can learn in detail how to make a bow out of hair and consider all the options for creating it, here.

The following styling is suitable for any length of hair, except for a very short haircut. A step-by-step photo will show you how to quickly create a hairstyle for a girl for every day.

If the baby has curly hair, then the image presented below will look especially amazing. It is done with the help of rubber bands quickly and easily. To begin with, the hair is divided into sections. Small ponytails are created from them, which are then assembled into other ponytails. It turns out a beautiful and simple children’s hairstyle in the kindergarten, which is suitable both for a holiday and for every day.

The above 5 children’s simple hairstyles for every day will help mothers decide and find the right option for their daughter.

Back braid with bow

Here is what the end result looks like. The braid is performed on the child’s head thrown down from the bottom up and passes obliquely through the entire back of the head.

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It ends with a bow of ribbons or your own hair. Here’s how to do it right.

Braid with kanzashi marshmallows

An ordinary spikelet braid will look completely different with the help of simple manipulations, which as a result will allow you to visit any solemn event.

To do this, purchase or make several kanzashi colors with your own hands and sew them at the same distance from each other to the ribbon. Fasten the first invisible to the beginning of the braid and weave it in any chosen direction, using a ribbon instead of the third strand or together with it.

Take the first flower more than the others.

Look at the photo, how festive and incredibly beautiful such decorations can be.

Hairstyles for long hair in kindergarten

Picking up a girl for kindergarten is not an easy task for parents — this is not only the burden of getting up early, but also the choice of clothes and hairstyles. Little fashionistas are often capricious and do not always agree with the proposed style of the dress, the color of the tights, and not every hairstyle will be to their liking.

When choosing a hairstyle, you must consider:

  1. Fluffy, naughty curls will be difficult to «tame» and keep in pigtails, the child’s head will look untidy
  2. Hair should not get into the eyes, get tangled and constantly unravel, creating inconvenience when playing and active movement
  3. Strands of tightly tied hair or a bow cause a feeling of discomfort
  4. Loose hair «eternal option», stunning and luxurious, but not for kindergarten

On the side in the Greek style

Elegant hairstyle for young teenage girls. Just weave the braids on both sides of the face using the French spikelet method, and connect the ends at the back and stab with invisibility. As a decor, you can use a beautiful fabric flower.

The second method is for those who like a more rigid fixation.

With ribbons

In fact, if the tape is not placed under one of the strands, this scheme corresponds to a four-strand with one tape.

If there are two tapes, then it will already be a five-strand.

Start by separating the hat zone with a straight parting and gently pin the ribbons under the hair with invisibility. Then weave according to the pattern, making pickups in each section.

Ideas with ribbon decor

Here is how the options for the location of the braids look with different laces, threads, multi-colored ropes, ribbons and ribbons.

Variations of ponytails for the little ones

So that the tails do not distract them, they can be twisted, intertwined, decorated. For older girls, make two low ponytails, do not lift them high. Combine weaving on bangs with ponytails at the crown.

hairstyle for girls in the garden, school for every day photo
Watch the video tutorial for girls with ponytails, a bow and neat buns.

For those who have solved the problem of bangs radically, shortening it to the eyebrows, we suggest taking note of these hairstyles, as they are easy to perform and do not require special skills from the mother.

Secrets of tails: to avoid complaints from a child, cut them with nail scissors to remove the elastic, or choose braided ones that do not get tangled in the hair.

Tail — ball

You will need : elastic bands, a comb, a comb with a long thin tail and water in a spray.

To make hair easy to lay down and there were no roosters, use water to moisturize frizzy hair.

  • Divide your hair into sections and tie one section with an elastic band.
  • We divide the remaining hair into strips starting from the forehead. If there is a bang, we separate it. The first rectangle, we lead from the hairline from the side of the temporal region to the parting and tie a ponytail, at the top level. Optionally, you can shift to the area of ​​​​the side part. Tie with a rubber band.
  • Then we separate the second line in the same way, but at the same time we capture the previous tail and put the second part on it, which we separated like a pickup. We tie it with an elastic band, and slightly push the tail in front of it, giving volume to make a bubble.
  • We repeat until we reach the occipital region, here you can continue without pickups.
  • Repeat on the ponytails and finish by checking that there are no roosters or strands that have fallen out.

Video ponytail design in 5 minutes:

Stitched braids

Realize the most daring ideas for a New Year’s party by making a Christmas tree on the head of a young princess, tie it heartily for Valentine’s Day or weave a bright basket for the autumn harvest festival.

How to do it? Easily! Braid the braids into the desired shape and carefully thread through each section of the tape, completing the lacing.

Braid hearts

For Valentine’s Day or just wanting to show off an unusual hairstyle, weave a sweet heart on the back of the girl’s head. In this lesson, the princes are like a bezel. The difference is that you need to carefully monitor the correct direction of work, performing two semicircles from the center of the parietal zone.

If skill does not yet allow you to make such complex braids, then the next option is for you. Start in two ponytails on the sides. Weave braids with any kind of weaving. Twist them around the rubber band in one turn, pin them with invisibility, connect them below, tying a beautiful bow from the ribbon.

Hairstyles for girls in kindergarten for long hair

Long hair needs special care, and before sending the child to kindergarten, her luxurious curls need to be put in order. For young ladies, first of all, it is important that the hairstyle does not hinder movement and does not interfere, because at this age girls still cannot straighten their hair on their own. One of the most suitable and versatile hairstyles for the garden will be the “noble wreath”. To do this, it is necessary to divide the hair into two parts and, starting from the ear, twist the bundles, securing with hairpins. When the weave intersects, we fix it with rubber and wrap the rest of the tail under the elastic. At the end, gently straighten the hair, and a comfortable hairstyle is ready.

Another good option for long hair is the Mickey Mouse hairstyle. To do this, you need to make two buns from high tails. We divide the rest of the hair into 3 parts, then comb each part a little and put it in turn inside the bun, straightening it. Similarly, we repeat with the second bun. Hairstyle can be supplemented with a cute bow or hairpin. Thus, long hair will not be disheveled, and will also keep a neat and well-groomed appearance throughout the day.

Fish tail

A simple two-strand weave. In order to learn how to perform it, you need a little skill, although the scheme itself is simple.

It’s easy and quick to make fishnet buns on the girl’s head, especially if the hair is thick and you can roll two things.


A group of braids rich in styling options, which are woven by twisting two or three curls together. They are also called ropes or ropes.

Using the scheme, braiding a pigtail beautifully and quickly for a child, even for beginners , is not difficult.

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Hairstyle for those mothers who cannot master the weaving of three or more strands. The end result looks no worse than a French twisted or classic braid.


The easiest way to gently collect hair for a minute, while giving it a beautiful look. Such weaving can be easily mastered even by a mother who is starting her “career” as a master in braids.


We bring to your attention an imitation of braids with the same name. These are “lazy” options that are suitable for beginners to study wicker masterpieces, moms. Look at the photos, how easy it is to make cute waves on long hair.

If you have more than a minute left, then look at interesting options for such braids in combination with various braided elements.

The simplest hairstyles for girls for all occasions — photo

When collecting your daughter for kindergarten or school, it is important to style her hair so that it does not interfere and maintains a neat appearance all day. This is quite a feasible task for mothers, even those who can only make ordinary tails and weave simple braids. Indeed, on the basis of these banal styling, you can make cute options. How to make a simple hairstyle for a girl and, at the same time, give her some kind of “zest”, read on and find out.

Simple hairstyles for school

On weekdays or on holidays, even at school, girls, like true fashionistas, want to look good and show off their appearance to their friend. Mom will come to the rescue here. Consider beautiful and simple hairstyles for school for girls with different hair lengths.

We put long hair to school — simply and quickly

By school time, most girls let their hair go long. It’s easy to put them on. And there are a lot of different styling options. Difficult let them be for special occasions. And for every day, light and simple hairstyles are important.

Hair styling in the form of flagella has been very popular lately. Moms love them for their ease of use. They look neat and interesting. It can be two tails with flagella on the sides, and weaving from two bundles with strands grabbing and shaped into a tail. The photo shows them.

The next cute option for school hairstyles for long hair is braiding with rubber bands. Nothing could be easier, you just need to stock up on silicone rubber bands. A step-by-step photo showing the weaving of such a braid will confirm this.

Upon completion of weaving, fluff the resulting braid a little by pulling the strands from the elastic. Thus, adding volume to it and giving it a beautiful look.

You can leave a larger ponytail by twisting it. Why not an option for a children’s hairstyle for a holiday? Put on a beautiful dress and go.

Two braids look no worse, made in the same way with the help of ponytails and elastic bands. Decorate them with your daughter’s favorite hairpins and she will be happy.

Silicone rubber bands can still be used when styling children’s hair so that individual strands do not crumble. Since the hairs of children are often soft and fluffy. Which is especially true for short hair. But for long curls, this is the best option to hide regrown bangs.

When sorting out simple hairstyles for girls for long hair, one cannot but mention the tails. A banal tail can be transformed by adding some showiness and playfulness. For example, decorate it with weaving or make it with constrictions using the hair itself.

For those who like to collect all the hair up, there are also interesting ideas. For example, weave two braids and twist them into bundles. Or arrange one bunch with a special bagel accessory and decorate with a bright bow. And you can also contrive and make a fashionable styling in three beams. It turns out beautiful and simple hairstyles for little girls and not only.

Easy school hairstyles for medium hair length

Hair of medium length or just below the shoulders also allows you to perform quite a few experiments with them. It is worth taking note of the styling with scrolling ponytails. Looks interesting, very easy to do.

But all the girls will definitely like such an interesting and original hairstyle in the form of two hearts. To do this, you need to make two tails, turn them. Then, dividing each tail into two parts, twist them into flagella and, as shown in the photo, secure with an elastic band at the bottom. This simple hairstyle for a girl will put her in a good mood for the whole day.

If, nevertheless, your child prefers braids, you can try a few simple options.

Everyone knows French braids. They spin quickly and easily. You can weave two braids, but not in the usual way, but diagonally. We also divide the hair with an even parting into two parts, only we start weaving a French braid at an angle. At the intersection, an ordinary braid is woven, and then again a French one. Mom’s fantasy just never ceases to amaze!

Consider another hairstyle step by step with weaving a French braid. It is somewhat similar to the previous one.

Two ordinary braids, familiar to everyone since childhood, can be arranged in such an interesting way by pulling them in opposite directions and securing them at the base of each other. The image «a la Pippi — Longstocking», perky and cheerful.

Simple hairstyles for school for short hair

When styling short hair, the most important task is to remove it from the face so that it does not get into the eyes and does not distract from educational activities. This can be done with the help of weaving or with the help of various hairpins, elastic bands.

One of these styling shows a step-by-step photo.

Simple hairstyles for short hair can be done with weaving all over the head. Only at the same time, if necessary, sprinkle the hair with water so that it does not crumble and the weaving looks more beautiful.

See a variety of school hairstyles for girls here.


This is a festive hairstyle of loose hair for real princesses. Looks especially great with chic curls. There are several options for weaving the rim. If you learn how to do such styling, then you can collect a girl for free for any holiday, graduation or birthday.

A master class will help weave a lightweight look from colored rubber bands.

waterfall hairstyles

Hairstyle for graduation long hair kindergarten

A prom for your girl is the first ball in her life, you need to make her look 100% If you want your child to be irresistible, think over everything in advance, and most importantly, choose a luxurious hairstyle.

Tips and wishes for hairstyles for the prom:

  1. If you have purchased beautiful hair accessories, you should not arrange a flower bed on the girl’s head.
  2. The hairstyle should be comfortable for the child, not interfering with movement, dancing and being naughty.
  3. It is desirable that your hairstyle is preserved until the end of the holiday, it is strong and reliable.
  4. The hairstyle model should be girlishly romantic, childishly innocent, mischievous and fun, but not vulgar.

Prom hairstyle for loose hair

The girl has a great opportunity to show all the luxury of her hair at the holiday. Having dissolved to the full length, you can slightly twist the strands or make “doll curls”, decorate with accessories in the form of flowers, shiny hairpins, wreaths. Loose hair with bangs, straightened, with an originally combed parting looks beautiful.

Hair bow hair — naughty and elegant

A hair bow is a wonderful festive option, an elegant and childishly mischievous hairstyle Every mother can make a bow out of long hair, the main thing is to fix it well.

For work, we will take:

  • comb and gum, preferably invisible
  • hair gel or hairspray
  • invisible, thin hairpins

We do the work:

  • Comb your hair and lift it up
  • We make a ponytail and put it through an elastic band, we get a tail — a donut
  • The tip of the tail, 10 — 15 cm, leave without stretching
  • Through the middle of the bagel we throw the hair that remains behind the elastic, divide it into the middle
  • We fix the ends of the middle of the bow on the head with invisible
  • We straighten the bow and securely fix it on the head

Additional photos with ideas

More than a hundred pictures with different hairstyles will help you choose cool and stylish braids for any occasion and never repeat.

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