How to straight hair without heat

Today I am going to show you how do you straighten your hair without heat. This works for any kind of hair texture. Curly, wavy, anything. It’s awesome and it is completely damage free. So, I hope you enjoy this tutorial and let’s get started.

Before we start the process, you want to make sure that you brush out all the frizz and curl. Don’t worry, it won’t look cute but that is the first step. Also, you have to keep in mind that the change will be temporary and you will need to do all these steps every time you want straight hair. Another method of getting straight hair is to use a donmily lace front wig with human hair. It looks completely natural and you can apply and take off within minutes.


How to straight hair without heat0

Okay, now go ahead and wash your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner only. Don’t try any other products or masks because that can cause your hair to become stringy and greasy and we don’t want that.

Now even though we brush the hair before washing them, they will probably become tangled again. So grab your hair brush and take out all the tangles. And now we will proceed to straighten then roots.

Now take you hair and tie them in a really tight pony tail. I mean as tight as you can get. And now you can go and take a break. Wait for an hour or and let the roots dry completely.

Lastly, take the pony tail and wet it with a water spray bottle. Now take sections of the hair that are still curly and wrap them around your head like a head band. Make sure to keep them as tight as possible. Because this is how your hair will end up. So wrap them as tight as possible, and then use a bunch of bobby pins to keep the hair tied tightly around your head.

Let the hair dry completely, and now you can untie them and brush them as you wish. Your hair should now be much straighter than before.


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