Machine embroidery Versus Hand Embroidery with pros and cons

Machine embroidery Versus Hand Embroidery with pros and cons0

Embroidery is a unique kind of craft which is used for the decoration of accessories, textiles and many more things. These days hand embroidery is used for many purposes like decorating clothes, accessories, towels, and so on. There are so many hand embroidery patterns to start with, so it is hard for you to choose a unique design from many of the options. There are endless designs and no limits of artwork available, and you can select from any creation.

There are mainly two types of embroidery used the most- hand embroidery and machine embroidery. Both of these have pros and cons, let us discuss in brief-:

Advantages of the hand embroidery-:

  1. You can create beautiful pieces and a unique look design that is truly individual by using the hand embroidery.
  2. Every person can add his/her personal individual touches to the embroidery piece, creating a signature piece and design.

Cons of the hand embroidery-:

  1. Contamination and personal error is also the possible thing which can happen in hand embroidery. To take an example, an embroidery technician may fail to follow the set pattern or design and can make a mistake in the final work. The piece can also be dirty while designing. Thus, it will raise the cost and can also increase the time taken in delivery.
  2. It takes time and money for the hand embroidery. To create a two-inch square piece of embroidery, it takes almost two hours on an average. More time will be consumed for a more elaborate design. The cost will also increase if more time is made for the final product.

Pros of the machine embroidery-:

  1. The most efficient and quick embroidery is done with machine embroidery. Most of the embroidery companies have caps, socks, etc. ready for embroidery in the stock.
  2. All the errors which are made by humans are minimized by using machine embroidery like design mistakes, dirt, etc.
  3. The merchandise can be ready in less than two days, depending on the embroidery pattern selected because machine embroidery is fast as compared to humans.
  4. The process takes less than ten minutes to complete as embroidery digitizing is done through a computer. So, Turnaround time is faster. You have to approve the design you want, and the machine will start the embroidery process within a minute.

Cons of the machine embroidery-:

Generally, there are no cons of working with machine embroidery. All the companies have staff and backup machines if any error happens in an emergency. Machine embroidery is an affordable and best possible option to get your embroidery work quickly ready without having the errors.

As you read the pros and cons of hand and machine embroidery. You will find that the machine embroidery is far better than the hand embroidery as compared. Because machine embroidery is fast, efficient do not make any errors; it is the best option to get your embroidery work done. The choice of machine embroidery will make your job even better.


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