Men’s corset – the return of the fashion statement

Men’s corset – the return of the fashion statement0

The 17th century witnessed an amazing revolution in men’s couture. Men’s fashion in that era was bursting with handstitched garments adorned with beautiful lacework to exhibit the status of the man sporting the outfit. Frock coats, peruke, and pointed long boots that ran up to the knee were scrammed in elite men’s closets. Just when the fashion fad was turning monotonous, classy corsets designed exclusively for men entered the market, drawing the elite’s attention. Men corset was, of course, worn as a symbol of status, but it also came with other benefits that cover the areas of health and fashion.

Till the advent of tuxedos and buttoned-down shirts in the 18th century, men’s corsets were a fashion fetish that every wealthy man wanted to covet. The corsets were popular for the support they rendered to the back and also helped the men flaunt their V-shaped silhouette from shoulder to waist. Visually appealing corsets paired with body-hugging trousers gave men the look they desired. The paybacks that corsets provided men in the long-gone era are similar to what they are offering men today.

In addition to providing excellent back support, corsets also facilitate better posture and aids in waist training. The wide range of corsets available in the market today, give men a lot to choose from. The gothic-styled men corset including steel-boned, over chest, and under chest corset, are popular among fashionistas. Men who are upbeat with fashion also prefer corsets made out of particular material such as cotton, brocade, among others. The quality of a corset is determined by its features such as bone casing, fabric, lacing, modesty panel, and pattern. With corset makers delivering quality products to the buyer’s doorstep by taking orders online, is proving to be a catalyst that is aiding in further enhancing the popularity of men’s corsets.


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