Merino wool and silk: how to take care of them

If you have been keeping up with the newest fashion trends, you may have noticed that the year 2021 was all about mixing textures, fabrics, and patterns. Thin silk and bulky wool, especially Merino, is a popular combination because it creates a lovely contrast in thickness and structure. Apart from wearing them, it’s also important to understand how to maintain them properly so that they maintain their original appearance. Today, let’s talk about 2 of the most luxurious fabrics and how exactly we can take care of them to make them last longer and look better. 

One of the most luxurious fabrics to have in your wardrobe, silk is a natural fiber created by certain insects, known for its shine, strength, and durability. The high price is due to the complex and delicate process of making it, since one silk dress can take anywhere from 1700 to 2000 cocoons to make. Speaking of which, the most popular silk garments to invest in are dresses, shirts (especially button-ups), skirts, and accessories such as scarves and gloves. In recent years, more and more people tend to purchase silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones, as research has proven that these covers prevent hair damage, wrinkles, and even acne, since silk is a natural antibacterial fabric.

It is not surprising that silk is also one of the most difficult fibers to take care of. When it comes to cleaning it, remember these simple rules: hand wash your silk garments in cold water with a gentle detergent, ideally one made specifically for silk or delicate fabrics; don’t use bleach or fabric softener, as the harsh chemicals will damage the fabric; after hand-washing it, lay it on a flat surface to avoid wrinkles and any deformations.

Merino wool is a type of wool which, as the name implies, is obtained from Merino sheep. Its popularity has grown in recent years, as I t’s roughly three times thinner than regular wool, making it soft, comfortable to wear, light, and warm and protecting. If you’re searching for a single wool item to add to your collection, an Irish sweater, particularly one with a cable-knit or turtleneck, would be the perfect choice. These Irish sweaters, made of wool brought straight from Ireland, are authentic, stylish, and flattering on everyone.

Although not as difficult to care for as ordinary wool, Merino is more fussy when it comes to washing than other materials. The most obvious piece of advice is to read the labels on your clothing or woolen items. You’ll be able to see everything you can and can’t do with the Merino there. Hand wash it in cold or lukewarm water with a light detergent, soak it for a few minutes to remove any dirt, and then squeeze it gently. Your sweater will have become quite heavy, and hanging it will only cause deformations, so put it flat on a towel and let it dry there for a few hours.


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