Places to Visit in Dushanbe

Places to Visit in Dushanbe0

Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan. It is located at the convergence of Kofarnihon River and Varzob River. Dushanbe implies “Monday” in the Tajik language. According to the local tale, this city evolved and grew near a village which has a famous Monday marketplace.

The city of Dushanbe evolved very rapidly after the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic was built in the year 1929. Between the years 1931 and 1961, the name of this city was changed from “Dushanbe” to Stalinabad. The city was turned into a major hub for cotton and silk production that made a huge number of people to relocate to Dushanbe.

Dushanbe offers multiple sights that are very popular all over the world. The beautiful sites of this city have turned Dushanbe as a major tourist destination of Tajikistan. If you are planning Dushanbe tours, you must be very keen to know which places to add in your must-visit list. Well, here are some interesting tourists spots in the city that you would never want to miss out.

Major Tourist Attractions of Dushanbe

Mentioned below are some of the most preferred sites that are enjoyed by all the tourists:

  1. Statue of Ismail Samani

The Statue of Ismail Samani is the most watched monument of Dushanbe. This monument occupies a major part of the property in the Maydani Azadi (Freedom Square).

  1. Tajikistan National Museum

The Tajikistan National Museum is frequently visited both by the locals as well as the tourists from across the globe. The museum showcases the rich cultural and historical aspects of Tajikistan.

  1. Ayni Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

The Ayni Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is the leading and acclaimed musical theater of the country. It is a major hub of Dushanbe’s cultural life. If you are going on Dushanbe Tours, you must not forget to visit the Ayni Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

  1. Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments

The Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments is situated behind the Office of the Mayor on Bokhtar Street. The museum was founded in the year 1990 by Gurminj Zavkibekov, a musician and actor. It has more than 100 musical instruments that are worth a watch.

  1. Botanical Garden and Zoo

The Dushanbe zoo is located on the bank of river Luchob. The city has two botanical gardens. One of the botanical gardens is situated in the city’s northern part while the other is situated in the city’s western part.

  1. Dolphinariums and Aquaparks

You can spend your time enjoying swimming with dolphins in the Aquaparks. This can provide you a strong feeling of joy, peace of mind, self-confidence, attention, and compassion.

The Takeaway

Dushanbe is an amazing place to gain knowledge about the historical and cultural backgrounds of Tajikistan. The place also offers beautiful sightseeing opportunities. You can visit this interesting tourist destination with your family as well as friends. You can even take a solo trip to the place if you want some solitude in your next vacation. So if you have already started planning for your upcoming holidays, pack your bags for Dushanbe tours.


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