The Secret Behind Everlasting Charm Of Hoop Earrings

The Secret Behind Everlasting Charm Of Hoop Earrings0

Among the big list of eternally popular jewelry, Hoop Earrings shine best. A craze in the ’90s, these earrings have never gone out of style and are still considered a classic. But what is the magic behind the ornament that had and still has women adorning them?

They Seek Attention Toward Your Face

Hoops are tremendous attention seekers with the incredible ability to draw eyes towards your face. They complement almost every face shape, performing wonders on oval and square face shapes. Hoops are circular, which makes them complementary to one’s jaws and cheekbones, adding a definition to these features. So next time when you want to be the center of attraction, don’t dabble with makeup and instead don a pair of hoops.

Casual To Formal To Party: Hoops Support Everything

It is the main reason why Hoop Earrings are still everyone’s favorite go-to earring. They look good with every cloth. Are you late for an office meeting and can’t locate the right ornament? Just grab hoops. Do you desire to achieve a boho look? Hoops are at your assistance. What to wear with your Sunday dress? HOOPS. From a formal gown to party wear, from casual graphic tees to cocktail look- hoops complement every style!

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They Give Off The ’90s Vibe

The ’90s were a revolutionary era in the fashion world, with many trends of that era becoming trends again. Chockers and spaghetti straps are excellent examples of such on-off-on fads. Hoop Earrings are that ’90s jewelry that people never forgot (unlike most of the trends of that era), but neglected. Hoops were cool back then. Hoops are still cool, if not cooler, now. So throw in a pair of hoops to your outfit and add some wondrous ’90s vibe.

They Have No Shortage Of Designs

Back in earlier days, hoops were perfectly circular earrings made of thin metals. But now, Hoop Earrings are no longer just circular pieces of jewelry. From the ’90s till now, numerous designers have brainstormed their creative heads to introduce better and better designs that suit every dressing style. From loops of different materials, different colors, plain loops, wired loops, encrusted loops, loops embellished with gemstones, to even loops with chains- loops don’t lack in design and style anymore.

Hoops Come In Many Sizes: Tiny To Large

Hoop Earrings come in an incredibly wide range of sizes- from loops of the size of a ring to loops that can substitute for a bangle. Each size has its fans. Small hoop sizes complement casual looks well. For formals, you can go for small to medium hoops. Bigger sizes are excellent for casuals, boho looks, and party wears.


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