The Surprising Role Of The Towels In The Success Of The Hotels                

Cleanliness and comfort are two attributes that have a high power to influence the qualification of the guest experience in search engines and social networks. Here, we tell you how and why the quality of hotel towels (ผ้าเช็ดตัวโรงแรม, which is the term in Thai) is so essential in the competitive context of the current hotel industry.


One of the many things that makes an exceptional difference in the experience of hotel guests is the open-air ones. People expect hotels to give them fluffy towels that show luxury. This is not an area where quality can be compromised. And at least, guests expect the same quality of a towel they use at home. Clean, soft, and it smells good. We asked respondents to evaluate the attributes of towels 1 to 5, and then we took an average to arrive at the results:

Quality Of The Towels

The quality of the towels is included in categories such as cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, and in the amenities. Example. Pool and spa. In this survey, 94% of respondents assume that the quality of a towel impacts their overall satisfaction and only 6% assume that the quality of towels does not impact their overall satisfaction as a guest.

Perception & Loyalty

Towels are a point of contact opportunity to reinforce the brand and are a point of emotional infection in the client’s journey. 84% believe that the quality of towels influences the perception of a hotel brand.


When it comes to understanding guests, it is essential to know that in this survey, we found that 85% of guests reuse towels because they care about the environment. Many hotels in the United States and England provide notices for guests to consider reusing their towels to help the environment. This measure is undoubtedly shocking, and including environmentally friendly policies will reduce water and energy consumption substantially.


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