Things You Need To Know About Moissanite Rings Before Getting One

Things You Need To Know About Moissanite Rings Before Getting One0

For decades diamond rings are being the pioneer in wedding ring choice be it for the groom or the bride. But there is a better alternative in the market which is Moissanite ring. This is a gem which is very rarely available on earth naturally. But scientists have succeeded in making it in the lab. That’s how we can get it in a bulk.

It has become the choice for many because of its brilliance and it reflects more than diamond. Unlike diamond, this doesn’t get blurry or cloudy after a certain period of time. In some cases diamond is more on the costlier side which makes it unattainable to most people. But it is not like the same for moissanite rings as it is affordable and at the same time more durable. Jewellery companies worldwide are also taking it as a new mode of creation as it has a uprising demand in the market.

The history behind moissanite ring

Fifty thousand years ago there was a meteor that came on the earth surface and in that meteor there was a  unknown material that was very strong and it had the balance of fire and brilliance. This particle was discovered by a scientist Henry Moissan in 1893. After studying a lot about this meteorite in the nearby diablo canyon, he found out that this material is better in terms of brilliance and the shimmering particles are brighter that was never seen before on earth. After researching a lot the scientist came to the conclusion that this material is silicon carbide. Later when the famous Tiffany and Co. discovered this unique gem, they named it after Moissan. Hence the Moissanite rings came to the picture.

How moissanite ring came to the market

Although the small amount of this material was brilliant enough to come to comparison with diamond, it was very less in amount. So in the late 90’s scientists developed the material in the lab and eventually came up with this material. Since then many big jewellery companies have started making jewellery pieces with this moissanite. Eventually it became very popular and people’s demand started to increase. Until 2015 only a particular company had the American and international patent of this gem but now the patent has expired, other overseas companies have entered the American market. This gem being so exotic has really done well in the markets all over the world and the jewellery companies can make affordable moissanite rings with this gem.

Diamond vs. Moissanite

This material is very strong like that of diamond. It will not be cloudy after a certain years. There are so many different ways in which moissanite has exceeded diamond. In terms of brilliance, durability, resistance to heat, fire, lustre, toughness and last but not the least, the incredibly low price. Although many people call it fake as it is not naturally sourced. But it is making a demand in the market as people finally can understand the value of it. The affordable moissanite rings are quite popular to many who don’t want to splurge a lot in a ring.

Why one should get a moissanite ring

When this gem came into the market, it fooled many jewellers because of its similarity to diamonds. Many people also fooled other people with that. But because of its price and other features now people are showing an interest in Moissanite ring.  Like any other materials, moissanite also has some pros and cons to it.

  • It has a yellowish or greyish hue. The pure white moissanite ring cannot be created.
  • It acts just like a diamond in direct sunlight.
  • Its visual effect is double. It shines two times more brightly than diamond.
  • It has a dispersive effect. This makes the material seem fake to many.

Advantages of having moissanite ring

  • Affordability

The main advantage of this affordable moissanite rings are that its affordability. The cost is much lesser than diamond. A significantly cut moissanite ring can cost you within a $1000. This can save your other expenses.

  • Controversy

Also in real diamond has a lot of controversy and child labour included. If you don’t want to be a part of the ‘blood diamond’ stigma then this is a great alternative option for you.

  • Material

This material is very similar or sometimes better than the qualities of diamond. This makes it a great content for anyone who is looking for something unique than the typical diamond ring.

The growing popularity of moissanite ring

Nowadays people are more rational and they focus more on other important facts of life. Although some people call moissanite rings as a fake diamond but it is more than that. There are many versions of fake diamond but moissanite is not one. It is a man made crystal that has similar natural effects of that of the diamond. This makes it exclusive to many people. Especially young couples, who have other expenses to take care of, often go for moissanite instead of diamond. Though many people believe in the authenticity of diamond and they think just because this gem hasn’t been on earth for six centuries, it’s not worth the hype, then they have a different point of view. Moissanite ring is different but genuinely made material which is exotic and brilliant in so many ways.

The qualities of this ring

It is now becoming very popular through the hands of Hollywood and many people are taking it positively. This ring is preferable for men as the qualities of this ring are compared to many masculine traits. Men prefer a moissanite ring as women prefer diamonds, although it is becoming a great option for women as well. In order to buy an affordable moissanite rings you need to understand to whom you are giving this ring to. Depend on the person, you should choose the cut. Also this material can be a great option for making an heirloom piece as the durability of this material is greater than any other gem. So when the next time you’re purchasing any jewellery, you should keep this in mind.


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