Tips And Tricks To Never Go Wrong With Styling Belts

Tips And Tricks To Never Go Wrong With Styling Belts0

Updating your personality from time to time is an important thing to do, and a belt fits in an essential part of the accessory for men. Wearing the right belt on the right occasion enhances your personality and the look, but at the same time, if you go even with one component, your appearance will be a disaster. You do not need to get a high fashion sense for these outfits. Just a simple and right mens leather belt can make you look a true gentleman and will take the attire to the next level. 

Rules That You Must Follow: 

  1. Follow The Thumb Rule: 

To get the right size of the belt, make sure that you select the belt that is a little elongated to the left of the buckle after wearing it to adjust and fit it perfectly. So the thumb rule states that you have at least 1.5 inches longer than your waist size or 2-3 inches than your jeans waist size. 

  1. Choose 3rd Hole Of The Belt: 

Ever wondered why you never get the right belt for your waist that is ideal for your body? If you follow the above rule, you can get the perfect length, and if you follow this rule, you will get the precise fit in your belt. Or you can also prefer using a mens ratchet belt that will rule out this rule and will make your fit even more comfortable and precise. 

  1. Match The Color Of Your Shoes And Belt: 

Have a few branded belts in your wardrobe of primary colors as they have a luxurious texture and comfort. Getting the same material of mens automatic belt and shoes are challenging, but you can always mix and match with similar ones. 

Typical Mistakes With Wearing Or Choosing Men’s Belts: 

Most of us get confused with so many options around in the store with varying designs in belts. And most of the belts that are racked up in-store or in our wardrobe are useless. If you follow the basic rules for getting the perfect belt that matches your outfit, you will not need many belts. Just a couple of them will be good to go. Many times you have those belts that do not match your clothing style and the outfit. Most of us get mistaken by wearing a wide belt with formal attire, and the rule states otherwise. So always wear a narrow one with the formal and a wide with the casual outfits. Belts get worn out, and that is the biggest disappointment to see in the attire and always make sure that it is resistant to water and has a good quality stainless steel. 


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