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We want our vintage and antique jewellery to sparkle, shine and look beautiful for a long time. After a thorough cleaningandpolishing, even vintage jewellery will dance in the light and look new again. How can you keep your vintage diamond ring, antique engagement ring, antique eternity ring or platinum diamond ring looking shiny and beautiful without bringingit to a professional cleaning service? Let’s take a look:

Tips For Cleaning Your Vintage Jewellery

Check For Any Loose Gems Or Stones-the first step to cleaning your vintage jewellery at home is to check for any loose stones. Cleaning your jewellery without checking, could result in you losing some expensive stones. Check the metal surface and make sure that it’s not broken or dimpled. If you do find damage, bring your jewellery to a repair service.

Use A Soft, Cotton Cloth-be sure that the cloth you use to clean your vintage diamond ring, antique engagement ring, antique eternity ring or platinum diamond ringis soft and clean. Any abrasive fibrescould lead to fine scratches on the metal surface.

Use A Jewellery Cleaning Solution-always read the label before using any jewellery cleaning solution on your vintage or antique jewellery. Remember to never place your plated jewellery ina jewellery cleaning solution meant for solid precious metal, as this could strip away the plating. Commercial cleanersmay cause oxidation on the metal surface, so avoid them if possible. The best cleaning solution to use on your vintage jewellery is warm water and dishwashing liquid and scrub with a soft toothbrush when cleaning.

Leave Jewellery In Warm Soapy Water-for stubborn dirt on your jewellery, avoid scrubbing too hard and try soaking your jewellery in a mild cleaning solution instead. Then,use a soft toothbrush to gently removeany deposits. Rinse your vintage or antique under running cold water after it’s clean and dry it with soft, cotton cloth.

Onceyour vintage or antique is clean and dry, keep it in a jewellery box with a couple of silica gel sachets. Remember, when storing jewellery, diamonds could scratch other metal surfaces and gemstones, so be sure to keep them separated.

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