Tips: how to protect your hair colour?

Tips: how to protect your hair colour?0

Coloured hair is like a capricious child: immediately after a visit to the hairdresser the colour looks great, no matter what shade you choose, but over time and with every washing, the colour fouls treacherously, and the time to sign up to your stylist comes again … If you have ever dyed your hair, then you understand what we are talking about and you’re probably interested in tips how to take care of coloured hair, such as needed components of hair colour shampoos , etc.

What I should know about my disposition to colouring?

An important role in the speed of colour bleaching is played by the type and texture of hair. Depending on your age and lifestyle hair dye can be washed faster or slower.

The most difficult is to dye long hair. “Often long or medium-length hair becomes porous, dry and damaged from the ends to the middle part, which causes a rapid loss of colour saturation,” explains stylist Dale Moriarty.

However, not only the length can damage the beauty of the hair. Although we don’t want to admit it, the beauty of the hair also depends on age. That doesn’t mean that you should run to the beauty salon every time when grey hair appears on your head, it is better to consult your stylist and develop an effective strategy for colouring grey hair.

How to prolong the colour durability?

Even if the master took care of protecting the hair during dyeing, the task of preserving the health and volume of hair falls already on our shoulders!

  1. Before colouring provide maximum care to the hair.

Hair needs constant care. This is an axiom and it is always necessary to adhere to it. To preserve the colour you need to start caring for your hair even before colouring. Ideally, if in a couple of weeks you will have recovery procedures

  1. Do not wash your hair the day before the colouring.

Firstly, the hair will not be protected and can simply dry out, especially if it is lightning. Secondly, if on the eve you used styling products – gel, mousse or hair spray, then all this styling products left on your hair will reduce the effect of colouring pigments on your hair.

What stylists usually advise their clients after colouring?

  • Use a suitable hair colour protect shampoo to help prevent hair fading too quickly. For example, T-LAB Professional Colour Protect Shampoo closing the cuticle well and at the same time doesn’t wash the colouring pigment from the hair structure. Another vitally important benefit for coloured hair is that it contains up to 97% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Do not forget about the hair conditioner: no matter how good the dye is, it somehow dries the hair a little, so they need to provide regular nutrition and hydration.
  • Apply protective sprays daily to protect your hair from environmental impact and lock colour of dyed and toned hair.
  • Apply a caring mask several times a week.

In addition to this, stylists claim that the cause of many problems with coloured hair is the incorrect first wash after visiting the salon, since depending the quality of water, it contributes to a greater or lesser degree to discolouration.

Coloured hair has another enemy and that is sunlight. Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) also adversely affect the hair, weakening them and destroying the colour pigment, like water and various manipulations with the hair, whether it is curling or straightening. Avoid applying on coloured hair products which include parabens or SLES and follow provided tips to preserve your hair and colour.


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