Watches are a part of your personality

People generally believe that watches are not worth purchasing as they only serve one purpose that is to display time, which can be done with the help of cell phones. However, watches nowadays not only display time but can be used for various other purposes. Different types of watches are available that serve different purposes. Some even display calendars, provide notifications, etc. You may get branded watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด์, which is the term in Thai] with different features.

Types of watches

  • Analog watches: This is a traditional type of watch that has an hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. This is one of the most common types of watch that is used in your surroundings.
  • Digital watches: Digital watches are generally available among quartz watches. They have an LCD screen that displays the time. The screen also shows other information that may be incorporated in the watch.
  • Hybrid watches: Hybrid watches are the combination of the watches mentioned above i.e., analog and digital watches. It has an hour, minute and second hand. It also displays other information and notifications on the LCD screen.

Reasons to Wear a watch

  • Convenient: One of the basic reasons to wear a watch is that it is the most convenient way of telling time. People today have replaced watches with phones to look for time. However, Phones make it difficult to remain punctual. Whereas watches ease your effort of tracking time.
  • Functional: Watches can also be used for various functional purposes. These watches are specialized watches that can be used by divers in the ocean or by the aviators when they are high up in the sky.
  • Simplicity: Watches are the simplest tool for keeping a check of the time. You can always rely on watches to show real time if your phone runs out of battery.


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