What do you do with hand bouquets?

Some people think flowers are not a useful gift. This is especially true when compared to other gifts that clearly have a particular function, such as a bag or a cutlery set. It is much different from a bouquet of flowers that will only be placed in a vase for some time until they are wasted.

Regardless of that opinion, flowers are still a common gift to be given on various occasions: birthdays, condolences, Valentine’s Day, congratulations, and so on. At such times flowers are a gift that is deserved and appreciated. Many people feel happy when given a bouquet of flowers.

What do you do with hand bouquets?0

Reasons To Buy a Flower Bouquet

Here are some reasons to give flowers to a loved one:

  1. Flowers help to express a feeling

We give a bouquet of flowers to Someone because we have something to say to him. It is a sign that we are thinking of that person, but certain types of flowers also have special meanings.

  1. To brighten your days

If Someone surprises you with a flower bouquet, it could be that that person just wants to share happiness with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to get flowers for no particular reason?

  1. To show affection to friends

Who says flower bouquets are only for couples? A bouquet of flowers can also be a symbol of true friendship. So if your best friend gives you a flower arrangement, it’s a sign that he really loves you. There are many kinds of flowers as symbols of friendship. However, yellow and orange flowers can be given to a friend because it symbolizes warmth and joy.

How to choose a hand bouquets Singapore

  1. Based on the material

In general, flower bouquets are divided into two types based on the material. There is a bouquet made of real flowers. There is also a bouquet of artificial flowers (fake flowers).

  1. Real flowers: Perfect details when photographed

The detail of the flower that looks perfect makes this flower bouquet look exclusive. In addition, when photographed, real flowers will look alive and beautiful. Because of this quality, the price of a wedding flower bouquet made from real flowers is higher than artificial flowers.

A.Artificial flowers: Available at any time without having to wait for the season

Artificial flowers are made of various materials, such as plastic, cloth, ribbons, etc. Flowers with synthetic materials are not affected by weather or room temperature and can be used as displays or keepsakes.

  1. By shape

A.Round: Flowers are arranged in a round shape like a dome

As the name implies, this flower bouquet is neatly arranged to resemble a dome. The flower stem is inserted into the wicking handle or holder so that only the buds are visible. This flower bouquet usually consists of one kind of matching colored flowers.

B.Posy: A small bouquet that can behold with one hand

Like the round type bouquet, the posy type bouquet has flowers arranged in a circle. The difference is posy type bouquets usually have a smaller size. This flower bouquet is light and small enough to easily grab with one hand.

C.Hand tied: Contains flowers and various green plants as decoration

This bouquet is equipped with many “fillers” or plants to fill the bouquet. The filler or filling for this bouquet is usually tiny flowers, such as baby’s breath, or leaf plants, such as eucalyptus.

D. Cascade: Shaped like a waterfall hanging down

A cascade-type bouquet is a neatly arranged flower to resemble a waterfall. The hallmark of the cascade bouquet is the use of orchids. Sometimes roses or lilies are also inserted between these flower arrangements to make them look sweeter. Just like the hand-tied type, this type also adds a lot of filler or plants to fill the bouquet.

  1. Customize the theme

The last thing to pay attention to is customizing the flower bouquet is the occasion or theme. For example, you can buy a bouquet of roses as a birthday bouquet. Or, for a rustic-themed wedding, a flower bouquet with dried leaves or plants is more suitable. A cascade-shaped bouquet will also be attractive for a rustic or vintage wedding theme.

Caring for hand bouquet

A real flower bouquet does have special care so that it lasts long and stays fresh. If we don’t take care of the bouquet properly, it will quickly wither.

We hope you can keep the real flower bouquet fresh for up to 7 days with these steps.

  1. Store the bouquet at an average temperature.

You might think that storing a bouquet of flowers in a cold refrigerator will keep them fresh. In fact, you don’t always keep a bouquet of flowers in the fridge. This method is certainly not suitable because the temperature inside the refrigerator is undoubtedly different.

  1. Avoid placing the flower bouquet in a place exposed to sunlight and spraying it with water directly.

Likewise, when you want to spray with water – which is recommended not directly.

  1. Routinely cut flower stalks, leaves, and thorns

Routinely cut 1cm every day, so it doesn’t absorb too much water. Then, you have to regularly change the water every 1-2 days to maintain the freshness.

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