What Type Of Plant Is Best To Give As A Gift?

What Type Of Plant Is Best To Give As A Gift?0

It is a special occasion, and you want to turn that day into an unforgettable date. But this time you want to have a different detail, a gift that lasts over time, that surprises and that brings joy to whoever receives it. What better option than a plant! We give you advice to know what type of plant is best to give as a gift based on several aspects: tastes, kind of relationship, occasion, personality. Also, we leave you a selection of baskets of plants, centers, and plants to give and guess full with your choice. Because sometimes, a gift plant expresses all that you want to say and you do not know how.

Gift Plants, Tips To Know Which One To Choose

You just decided that this time you are going to give a flower. The next step is to specify what the gift plant will be. For this, we give you these tips:

Tastes Of The Person: Keep in mind the character and personality of that person to whom you will provide the plant. Choose the color, if it will be a plant or a center of plants, and if it has a garden, maybe you can opt for an outdoor plant. There are more carefree and jovial compositions and more elegant combinations. Thinking about that person for a moment will help you choose one or the other.

Type Of Care Needed By The Gift Flower: Some plants have an excellent capacity to absorb water and do not require frequent watering, but they endure very well the passage of days without the need for water. On the other hand, others require more care. Keep this fact in mind if you are going to give to people who are away from home for a long time, who travel often or who do not have much free time or Wreath to Hua Lamphong Temple (พวงหรีดวัดหัวลำโพง which is the term in Thai)

Relationship With That Person: To your mother, your friend, your partner, your grandmother, your partner. Most people will be happy to receive a gift plant. But the choice will be different if it is a gift for your partner than for your friend. The more you know that person, the more likely you are to get your decision right.

Special Occasion: After a convalescence, to that friend who has just had her baby, to your mother for Mother’s Day or to your friend for her birthday. Giving plants is a great decision to put the clasp on special occasions.

Type Of Composition: There are gift plants that do not require any accompaniment, such as the orchid, for example. But sometimes the best option is a composition in the form of baskets and plant centers, a perfect option to give as a gift.

Indoor Or Outdoor: If that person has a terrace or a small garden at home, you can choose a   gift outdoor plant. On the other hand, if you enjoy taking care of your plants in your home and already have a good collection of indoor plants, do some research and surprise them with a plant that you do not have.


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