Where Can We Wear Baju Kebaya in Malaysia?

Where Can We Wear Baju Kebaya in Malaysia?0

The world over, people respect Malaysians for the way they love their culture and sincerely follow ancient traditions. Malay people show how deeply they treasure their culture by wearing traditional costumes like the charming Baju Kebaya. Even people belonging to the modern generation wear the Baju Kebaya due to its classy looks and the comfort it provides. The Baju Kebaya is a long-sleeved blouse dress usually made with a thin cotton or other materials like silk, polyester, or nylon. The Malays usually pair it with a sarong, a long cloth that they wrap around the waist. If you are interested in wearing such a traditional outfit, you need to visit Lai Chan Fashion, who are experts in dresses like Baju Kebaya. They are also renowned specialists in alteration and will make essential changes to your costume so that it fits you perfectly.

The Baju Kebaya is a versatile dress that Malaysians wear on various occasions. The costume has a timeless appeal and elegance that makes it apt for any situation, be it a formal business meeting or a family function. Let us study how you can wear Baju Kebaya on different occasions.

Occasions for which you can wear the Baju Kebaya

1.   Wear it during traditional events

For Malaysians, the Baju Kebaya is the automatic choice when there are traditional events. The costume has an unmatched aura that makes it stand out when worn during occasions like popular Malaysian festivals. Steeped in culture, the Baju Kebaya represents the rich Malaysian traditions and gives you a unique, endearing look. Even though the outfit has seen the influence of various cultures of neighboring regions over the years, it has retained its traditional values and classiness.

2.   Wear it during interviews or business meetings 

The versatile Baju Kebaya is the perfect attire to wear when attending an important business meeting or a job interview. Your business associates or interviewer will admire you for the respect you have for your traditions. The only thing you need to remember while wearing the Baju Kebaya at such formal events is to ensure that the dress’s color should not be too vibrant. Go for a dress with soft hues and a fabric that is not too shiny. If you are wearing accessories, avoid jewelry or earrings that are too loud or fashionable. Carry a simple leather handbag that looks formal and wear sober-colored shoes.

3.   The perfect attire for weddings and other rituals

No other dress suits festive occasions are better than the timeless and humble Baju Kebaya. You can enhance the charm of this traditional dress with accessories, such as earrings, wristwatches, beaded necklaces, and matching shoes. You can ask your tailor to enhance your Baju Kebaya’s appearance by adding attractive embroidery or decorative brooches.

By wearing the Baju Kebaya, you are sure to turn heads, whatever be the occasion. It is the best way to show how much you value your Malaysian culture. To get your Baju Kebaya to fit your body perfectly and accentuate it, visit the best alterations & repairs service center nearest to your residence.


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