Women’s evening hairstyles: more than 100 photos of hairstyle ideas for different hair lengths

Stylish trends

The main characteristics of evening hairstyles 2020 are slight negligence, disheveledness and ease, which allow the young lady not to worry about an inappropriate look during a date or a gala event. However, do not get carried away with these facts, no one has canceled the professional design of the hairstyle.

Long hair this year can be very elegantly styled in a variety of bundles, including smooth options and examples with released strands. No less relevant for long-haired young ladies are curls gathered in a ponytail and all kinds of weaving, which can either independently form a hairstyle or be combined with other ideas.

This season, large curls, plaits and small bouffants are involved in creating fashionable evening hairstyles. More on this and more below.

Highlights when creating evening styling

To create beautiful evening styling, you must follow certain rules that will allow you not only to quickly and efficiently perform styling, but the styling itself will delight you throughout the evening.

  1. Hair must be washed and combed well.
  2. Strongly straight hair must be slightly curled (unless the styling implies the presence of smooth strands)
  3. Be sure to take care of styling products in advance (they are selected according to the type of your hair and depending on the structure of your future styling). The same applies to all kinds of accessories and jewelry for hair. They must be purchased in advance. Do not forget about such mandatory devices as hairpins and invisibles, as some styling (especially for long hair) implies their presence.
  4. Do not forget also that your styling must necessarily be combined with your entire image (dress, makeup, etc.)
  5. Remember that less is better, but better. This applies to jewelry and styling elements in general. You don’t have to do everything at once. Overloaded styling looks sloppy and pretentious.
  6. Observe the measure and in the amount of use of styling products. Too much hairspray will create the effect of a dirty head, so when applying all kinds of styling products, you need to be very careful.
  7. Remember also that the main thing is comfort. Do not create a styling that restricts your movements and gives you discomfort.

Evening styling for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair are distinguished by their special originality and style. Many women are now increasingly resorting to short haircuts. The time has passed when women with short hair were compared with men, attributing to them strong character traits and a lack of tenderness and femininity. Of course, this is complete absurdity.

Currently, short haircuts, although they are considered mischievous and boyish, but only in cases where the character of a woman is conducive to this. The same applies to evening styling.

When choosing an evening styling for short hair, first of all, you need to consider the style of the event. If this is a trip to a cafe with friends, which can smoothly turn into a disco, then careless styling will be an excellent option. It is performed extremely simply. A styling agent is applied to the washed and dried head, after which you simply use your hands to either slightly ruffle your hair or set the direction of the strands in a chaotic manner.

For a more solemn event, a classic styling, complemented by some beautiful decoration, is suitable. Depending on the length of your hair, you can also create beautiful curls. They look great on a bob or bob haircut. Curls are performed in the same way as for long and medium hair. In addition, you can simply twist some ends, which will also look very impressive.

Hairstyle for medium hair

Ladies with medium length hair have a huge selection of hairstyles. Even careless styling on medium hair can look very solemn.


Do not lose their relevance and large curls. This hairstyle looks gentle and feminine.

This hairstyle for the celebration can be done with your own hands. It is enough to have a straightening iron or a large-diameter curling iron, styling foam and fix the finished hairstyle by spraying it with strong fixation varnish.

Hairstyle for long hair

Long, well-groomed hair is a woman’s pride. With the advent of such a service as hair extensions, there are much more owners of long thick hair. Now there is no need to grow them for years, it is enough to go to the salon and pay for the extension service.

Loose hair already looks chic and attracts attention, but for a special occasion it is better to make a hairstyle. Trust a festive hairstyle for long hair to the masters.

It is more difficult to take care of long hair and it will be difficult to make a hairstyle on your own. After all, at an important event, everything should be perfect.

Hairstyles for the type of face

Choosing an evening hairstyle is a very responsible task. The chosen styling should emphasize the natural beauty, and skillfully hide the flaws, if any. To do this, each young lady must take into account not only the atmosphere of the upcoming event, the style of the outfit, but also the type of her face.

Owners of an oval face type can afford to choose almost any hairstyle. Young ladies with a square face type are not recommended to comb their hair too smoothly. Give preference to a small bouffant at the top of the head or voluminous hairstyles.

Chubby ladies should pay attention to bunches with loose strands, high knots on the crown, bouffant at the top of the head and voluminous braids.

The triangular shape of the face or the shape of the «heart», on the contrary, does not like bouffant and volume. Retro waves or light tousled will be the perfect choice in this case. A rectangular face will be decorated with curled curls raised up.

Evening ponytail hairstyle for medium hair 2020

A low ponytail is a convenient and practical styling option for every day and for special occasions. If you add a ponytail with a pile in front, then you will get a great option for evening styling.

In a hairstyle with a tail, it is recommended to use high-quality jewelry. Use graceful hairpins, elastic bands with rhinestones and other decor. The tail looks beautiful, where the elastic band is hidden under a strand of hair. If the length of the hair allows, then you can make elegant waves at the ends.

Hairstyles with braids and braids

Long hair styling with a variety of braids this season pushed back complex and multi-tiered weaves. Simplicity and sophistication are in fashion. You can safely build one voluminous braid on your hair and place it on your side or decorate your head with braids with elongated links on the sides.

Relevant, as before, are the variants of the French braid, the braid-waterfall, the dragon and the spikelet. Greek braids with ribbons, flowers and beautiful hairpins look very chic with evening dresses. The material for creating such a hairstyle can be both straight and smooth hair, and curly or slightly combed strands.

«Bubbles» for long hair

At first glance, this styling may seem complicated, but it is not at all! It is based on the tail, so everything is very simple.

  1. Comb your entire hair back.
  2. Separate two thin strands of hair from the face and pin them up with a hairpin.
  3. Comb the strands in the back of the head with a comb, spraying a little with varnish.
  4. Back bouffant and comb the top layer.
  5. Divide the strands selected earlier into a central or side parting. Fix them with varnish.
  6. Divide each of these strands in half and twist two bundles. Tie the end with a rubber band.
  7. Connect both harnesses with silicone rubber at the back of the head under the fleece.
  8. Form an inverted tail.
  9. Separate two identical strands from the sides again. Divide them in half and form two bundles. Fasten them together with an elastic band and twist the ponytail.
  10. Repeat the procedure until the very end of the hair.
  11. Now stretch the weave with your fingers and straighten all the bundles to get volume.
  12. Fix the result with strong hairspray.
  13. Decorate with an accessory.

Vozdushnyye puzyrki (2)

Vozdushnyye puzyrki (3)

Vozdushnyye puzyrki (4)

Vozdushnyye puzyrki (5)

Vozdushnyye puzyrki (7)


This example of styling long hair can be confidently called one of the easy ones. A little fixing agent, curlers, curlers or styling tongs and the hairstyle is ready. You can create voluminous large curls on your hair or make small elastic curls, of your choice.

Long hair with any curls look amazing and will not leave you without attention. Additionally, you can beautifully pin the curls to the side or create a kind of “Malvinka” using a variety of accessories.

Evening hairstyle with curls

Curls are one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. It is chosen by brides, and Hollywood beauties, and young graduates — after all, curls are always relevant and perfectly match the occasion.
Large curls are now popular, giving the image of romance, femininity and charm, as well as Hollywood curls — a legendary hairstyle that no red carpet can do without.

Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #36
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #37
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #38
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #39
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №40
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №41
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №42
There are many variations of styling with curls: you can pin your hair to the side, collect part of the hair at the crown, or leave curled hair scattered over your shoulders.
You can complement this hairstyle with hairpins, hairpins with pearls, ribbons or a diadem.

Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №43
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №44
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №45
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №46
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #47
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №48
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo #49
Evening hairstyles for long hair 100 ideas photo №50

Hollywood curls

This is a very simple and very effective hairstyle for long hair. It suits absolutely any girl. With the help of beautiful curls, you can create both a romantic and sensual image, as well as a passionate and fatal one. In any case, you can experiment and see which option suits you best.

So, to create luxurious curls, we need:

  • iron or curling iron;
  • means for fixing (mousse, foam);
  • means of thermal protection;
  • varnish for fixing the finished styling;
  • comb with a thin long nose.

First you need to wash your hair, gently dry it and comb your hair well. After that, apply a thermal protection agent on them and only after that proceed with the creation of curls.

IMPORTANT! Do not neglect the means for protecting hair from thermal exposure. When using a hair dryer or ironing (as well as any other heating device), the hair structure is damaged. They become thinner, split and lifeless.

First of all, let’s deal with the parting. It can be made straight, or asymmetrical and even diagonal. It all depends on the shape of the face. Owners of a square and round face shape are better to make an asymmetrical parting.

An oval face shape can be experimented with with any parting. After you have decided on the parting, go directly to the creation of curls. We take a small strand of hair, apply mousse or foam on it, smooth it slightly and wind it on a curling iron. The thinner the strand, the thinner the curl will turn out.

IMPORTANT! if you have thin sparse hair, do not make large curls, as there may be an empty space between them.

To straighten the resulting curl, gently pull it by the tip. So it will look more natural. We do the same with the remaining strands. And in the end, we simply fix the finished styling with varnish. You can also collect curls in a beautiful tail, or simply shift to one side. this hairstyle looks spectacular in any condition.

Greek hairstyle

To implement such an idea, you will need a special bandage, around which the strands will be beautifully arranged during the design process. Styling involves the presence of a small fleece in the upper part of the head and can be performed on curled hair. A similar idea is complemented by flowers, hairpins or other various accessories.

Roman hairstyle

No less attractive look options for hairstyles made in the Roman style, the basis of which are curls wound on hairpins. Hair can be styled according to the principle of Greek styling or curled strands can be stabbed at the back of the head in a completely involuntary manner.

For decoration, you can use decorated hairpins that can directly fix the strands themselves, as well as all kinds of hairpins, chic tiaras or other accessories.

Long hair in itself is a chic decoration.

The owners of such “wealth” can only adequately look after their inheritance and demonstrate their chic hair to others. The proposed examples of hairstyles, which we are happy to share with our readers today, will serve as great helpers for this.


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