45 Trending Emo Hairstyles for Girls to Try in 2022

1. Long Emo Hairstyles for Girls

A great deal of girls choose to wear their emo hair in mid-back length. Nevertheless, a characteristic all emo hairstyles for girls have in common is the short and excessive layering, displayed in the photo above.

2. Wavy Emo Hair

In most cases, you will find that emo hair is worn with straight locks. However, you can adopt this hairstyle regardless of the texture of your hair.

This example is here to show you how those lush emo bangs would look on wavy hair.

3. Short Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Throughout the years, emo hairstyles for girls have surpassed the classic long strands approach. You can get this look even if your hair is short, provided it is shaped accordingly.

If you have shorter hair, we recommend you get it cut in an inverted manner for the best results.

4. Frontal Bangs Hairstyles for Emo Girls

We almost always correlate emo hairstyles with side-swept bangs.

Be that as it may, we have the picture-perfect example of how you can obtain a similar effect with frontal bangs and get your emo haircut.

The secret here is to get choppy bangs to achieve your desired edge.

5. Emo Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair and Bangs

Leda Muir is an example of just how adorable scene hair can be.

If you have long layered and colorful hair, you should think about exploring hairstyles that bring out your cuteness even more.

In this regard, you can never go wrong with pigtails.

6. Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

You won’t see long, curly emo hairstyles for girls that often, but they will be breathtaking when you do.

We like how this hair texture allows you to go against the grain and think outside of the box with this pretty much non-standard hairstyle.

7. Low Side Braids Emo Girl Hairstyle

Here is another piece of inspiration for emo girls with long hair. If you get tired of wearing your hair down, you can start experimenting with braids.

One style that will keep the top part of your hair on point is a low, loose braid swept to the side.

8. Faux Deathhawks Emo Haircut

Deathhawks are obviously one of the most daring hairstyles you can play around with. However, not all of us are willing to shave our heads to obtain it.

If your hair is already cut in emo layers, you can simply pin them to the side to get something pretty close.

9. Emo Girl Hairstyles for Medium Hair

What if your hair isn’t super long, but not too short either?

You don’t need to worry; you can easily get an emo haircut and hairstyle that complements your balanced length.

As with all hairstyles in this category, layering is the key to success.

10. Pattern Coloring Emo Hairstyle

In addition to bright colors for scene hair, you can also look into pattern options for coloring.

In other words, you can incorporate specific designs into your dyeing job, whether they be zebra stripes or leopard print patterns.

11. Emo Hairstyles for Black Girls

Although emo hairstyles are not as popular among African-Americans, they look enchanting on any girls.

If you normally have afro-textured hair, you may have a bit of difficulty in straightening it for the final look. To make the job easier and less harmful, consider a wig, weave, or other extensions.

12. Full Side Bangs Pixie Haircuts

What’s so cool about emo hairstyles for girls is that you can adapt them for any hair length. For instance, you can get a pixie haircut with emo bangs. To put it otherwise, your short locks should be cut and styled to the far side.

13. Emo Hairstyle for Girls Messy Pigtails

If your hair is heavily layered, you can play around with messy pigtails as a sweet hairstyle. Owing to your layers, the “messy” part of the hairstyle will come naturally. This works for girls with both side-swept and frontal bangs.

14. Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Thick Hair

Have super-thick hair? Perfect! It’s just what you need for a successful emo hairstyle.

Even though you get plenty of volume from the short layers, having naturally thick locks will help you get closer to the outcome you’re longing for.

15. Hat Hairstyles for Emo Girls

An awesome aspect about side-swept bangs is that they look wonderful with almost any hair accessories.

For example, you can wear any type of hat and still look fabulous. For a goth-inspired look, think about a wide-brimmed black hat.



16. Asymmetrical Bobs for Emo Look

One of the few general emo haircuts that go hand in hand with emo hairstyles for girls is the asymmetrical bob.

The main advantage is that you can cut your hair according to your bangs, on the same side. Keep the opposite shorter.

17. Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

If you have shoulder-length hair, you won’t be able to get the layered triangular look that most emo hairstyles have.

Nonetheless, you can focus on the bangs part of the hairstyle and frame your face with a few layers.

18. Bandana Ponytails for Emo Girls

A charming way you can wear your cute emo hair tied up is with a ponytail and bandana accessory.

Leave as much of your bangs as possible hanging in the front and tie a bandana around your head. After that, wrap the rest in a messy ponytail.

19. Cute Emo Hairstyles for Special Ocassions

Flowers are always a graceful addition to any hairdo, whether it be emo or any other style.

If you are planning on attending a festival or you just want to take some cute photos, you can braid your hair to the side and add a flower crown.

20. Bow Hairstyles for Emo Girls

Want something a bit more special to spice up your hairstyle? Think about other accessories rather than your average hair ties.

Bows are just an example of adding a sweet and creative touch to any of the ways you’d like to wear your hair.

21. Half Up, Half Down Emo Hairstyles

Although the unmistakable side-swept bangs are absent in this hairstyle, the pastel neon colors make it part of the scene hair category.

Whether you have grown out your emo bangs or you just want to get them out of your face, think about a half-up hairstyle like this one.

22. Headband Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

What can be prettier than a headband to go with your cool emo hairstyle?

When looking up emo hairstyles for girls, you will frequently find the headband as the accessory of choice for most.

No matter if you go for a simple headband or a decorated one, you’ll shine!

23. Medium Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Braids

Yet another braid you can weave your hair in is the fishtail braid. It’s a bit more complicated than the average three-strand braid, but it will definitely make you stand out. It also looks beautiful with your side-swept bangs.

24. Peekaboo Emo Highlights for Girls

Plenty of emo and scene hairstyles involve multiple hair colors, but what if you want to mix them creatively?

One breathtaking way is through peekaboo highlights. As their name suggests, the highlights stick out in certain areas of your hair.

25. Formal or Bridal Hairstyles

What if you have emo hair and you have a fancy event coming up?

Whether you’re getting ready for prom, a candlelit date, or even your own wedding, this hairstyle is sure to inspire you.

It’s still edgy while being gorgeously sophisticated.

26. Side Shaved Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

If you want to step out of your comfort zone in a radical way, think about getting emo undercut.

While you don’t have to shave the lower part of your head entirely, you can hit the razor for one side.

This way, your bangs will still fall flawlessly into place.

27. Pastel Emo Curly Hairstyles for Girls

Curly girlies may not be able to nail the whole thick side bangs aspect of emo hairstyles for girls.

Nevertheless, they can get inspired by the colors used for scene or emo hair for their style. This multi-pastel balayage is an excellent example.

28. Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Emo Girl

Not quite ready to go asymmetrical with your emo bob haircut? No worries; you can still rock a bob without making one side longer than the other.

What we do recommend is getting an inverted bob for obtaining your dream shape.

29. Emo Girl Hair Side Ponytails

If you love adapting hairstyles to your funky personality, you can put your personal touch on the classic ponytail. Instead of tying it directly to the back, you can twist it to the side to go with your marvelous bangs.

30. Emo Long Hairstyles for Girls with Highlights

Want a simple touch that will truly bring your whole hairstyle to life? A cool set of streaks will get the job done.

You have endless options to choose from, starting with natural tones to even the most vivid colors.



31. Rainbow Emo Hair for Girls

Speaking of vivid colors, why not go full out rainbow with your hair?

This bold hair color choice is just what your emo hairstyle needs to make you the center of attention.

You can either go for intense versions of the colors or lighten them to pastels.

32. Short Hairstyles for Emo Girls with Balayage

For a subtle approach to your emo hair colors and a trendy touch, think about using balayage for getting your emo hairstyle.

By coloring your hair this way, two or more tones can melt beautifully for a memorable gradient.

33. Pinned Up Bangs for Emo Girls

Sick and tired of your long bangs getting in your eyes all the time?

If you want to switch things up, you can always pin your bangs to the back for a messy bun.

All you’ll need is a hand full of bobby pins; just start pinning away afterward.

34. Heavily Layered Emo Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair

The more layered your hair is and the shorter your layers are, the higher the chances of getting one of the emo hairstyles you have been craving.

If you have super long hair, you can start chopping shorter layers from your shoulders up.

35. Emo Dreadlocks Hair

If your style combines ideas from different subcultures, feel free to mix them in a statement hairstyle. Just one example is using dreadlocks in your emo hairstyle.

You can get dreads for most of your hair and leave your bangs and a few loose strands in front.

36. Wispy Layers Emo Hair

For a more feathered look for your emo hairstyle, you can look into wispy layers.

This is an exceptional idea for girls with fine hair, as it will help boost their volume. If your hair is thick, you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

37. Cool Pink Emo Hairstyles

After you get your hair cut for an emo hairstyle, you can start thinking about vibrant colors to spice it up.

One of the most beloved options is magenta, or any shade of pink, for that matter. The hot pink in the photo above is to die for.

38. Accessorized Emo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Regardless if you have long or short emo hair, you can always rely on a beanie as a cute accessory. What makes it so practical and pleasing is that it can be tilted to the back, revealing your full bangs in the front.

39. Emo Braided Pigtails

For this example, we will combine two main ideas already showcased in our list. As opposed to the other pigtails we presented, these are low and braided. In essence, it’s like the low side braid from #7, just doubled.

40. Pin Up Emo Hairstyles for Girls Long Hair

Rockabilly hairstyles have a unique touch of their own. You can get inspired by pin-up fashion for a truly remarkable hairstyle, whether or not you have a shaved side. Just take your thick bangs and pin them gently to the side.


41. Emo Updo Hairstyles

This is the ideal hairstyle if you want to get that intentionally careless look. In other words, you’ll spend a bit of time wrapping your hair into a messy bun with strands hanging around, but the results will be worth it.

42. Two Tone Emo Hairstyles

Another original way to color your hair is to die just the tips. If you have short hair, in particular, this is a sublime idea for accentuating your hairstyle.

We encourage you to consider contrasting tones, like platinum blonde and black or any other two tone hair combination.

43. Hair Bows for Emo Girls

Why accessorize your hair with a bow when you can create one with your own locks?

Even though you need medium to long hair to nail this look, the outcome will be jaw-dropping.

Don’t forget to add some hairspray so it will stay in place.

44. Cute Colored Bangs Emo Cut Hairstyles for Emo Girls

Another way to emphasize your hair is to color a particular region.

For instance, you can dye just the bangs part of the hairstyle to highlight them even more.

Like with colored tips, we recommend picking colors that provide contrast.

45. Cute Space Buns for Emo Girls

Welcome back, 90s! One of the cutest trends that nineties babies grew up with is now back and booming more than ever.

Space buns are a fabulous idea for your new emo hairstyle; just look at how pretty they look with the bangs!

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