How Are T-Shirts Made

We certainly do not think about it often, but before we print our T-shirts, the process of producing Printed shirt [เสื้อ พิมพ์ ลาย which is the term in Thai] is already done. Most of our T-shirts are made of cotton. Did you know that cotton fibers have been used for centuries? The cotton fibers come from the cotton plant from which the cotton hairs are used to make the T-shirts. The cotton plants grow in countries with a tropical or subtropical climate. Exactly this climate is ideal for the cotton plant, as the plants need a lot of water and sun. In addition, there are a hundred different types of cotton plants, and not all of them are suitable for the production of cotton.

Harvesting And Drying

The most commonly used cotton plant is the Gossypium hirsutum. 90% of all T-shirts or mens tank tops are produced here because of its good qualities. The cotton hairs show up only when the ripe fruit opens. The seeds of the plant sit on the cotton hair. This process is similar to dandelion. Before the seeds get the opportunity to be blown away themselves, they are removed from the plant by hand or machine. The cotton pickers first bring the crop to a place where they can dry well. The cotton fibers are then laid out on mats and dried by the sun.

Virtually All The Cotton Won Gets A Meaningful Goal

It is very important to remove the seeds from the cotton hair. This is done in a factory where the cotton is combed under intensive work. The seeds are removed and not thrown away because the cotton plant can use almost everything. The wrapping of the seeds gets a different task than the seed itself. The envelope is used, for example, as animal feed, while the seeds themselves are used as cottonseed oil. This oil can be found in various products, such as soap. Of course, the seeds are also used for recycling to produce new cotton plants. The cotton fiber now only has to go to a spinning mill to make it as a yarn. Often, the yarns then undergo various treatments. Then the yarns are ready to be produced as a T-shirt.

Polyester Is Known For Its Dimensional Stability And Colorfastness

Apart from cotton, you can also have polyester t-shirts printed on us. Polyester is known for its dimensional stability and colorfastness. Unlike cotton, polyester is a synthetic material. This means that the product was not made from natural raw material. How to make polyester accurately is a fairly complicated chemical process, with compounds that have complicated names. To make polyester T-shirts, a special thermoplastic polyester is used whereby granules are melted and made into filament yarn. From this yarn, polyester T-shirts are produced. Incidentally, there is also a possible combination of polyester and cotton. The advantage of the combination is, above all, the promotion of the firmness of the fabric.


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