Rolex Watches: Interesting Facts That You Should Know


Rolex Thailand is different from any other watch brand around the world. Moreover, it has been said that the company is also different from any other company. It has gained quite popularity nowadays. They are prominent for their design and high-quality materials. However, there are several fun facts about the company that you need to know. Let’s have a look at some of them:

They Are Handmade

You may be surprised to know that all the Rolex Thailand watches are handmade. It takes about one year for each water to complete its production. It suggests that every part or component of the watch is under strict guidelines and standards. After the manufacture of each watch, they are assembled and tested individually. Thus, the process of quality checks is very intense and thorough.

All Of Them Are Pressure-Tested

To make the Rolex watches waterproof, they need to go through an intense process of water resistance technology. Each of them is tested in a sensitive chamber that examines air pressure. This method is conducted to ensure there is no leakage in the case. If the company notices any kind of water filtration or condensation, the watch is considered to be scrapped.

They Use The Most Expensive Stainless Steel

Several brands use stainless steel as the material for the production of their watches. Most of the companies use stainless steel grade 316L, while the Rolex Thailand watches use grade 904L. This grade of steel is relatively expensive. This type of steel has substantial resistance to pitting, corrosion, and rust. Therefore, it is the best watch for saltwater divers.

They Make Their Gold

The Rolex companies make gold for their production of watches themselves. Since they have complete control over the machining and production of gold, they pay immense attention to the quality. Moreover, they ensure the best look of every watch. Apart from this, the Rolex company also has an in-house foundry that produces gold.

The Name Is Unique

You may be surprised to know that people do not know the exact meaning of the term Rolex. They assume that the name is derived from the French word Horlogerie exquise, which means exquisite clockwork. However, the founder wanted a name that is short and sweet for the face of watches, and you can pronounce it in any language. The word also refers to the sound when the watch is being tied.  


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