The Many Benefits of Body Lotion in The Summer

Aren’t we all pleasantly alerted when we hear someone say, “wash your hands properly”, owing to the post-pandemic era we live in? In addition to this, the summer sun brings scorching heat to the human skin. The result? Dry, itchy flaky skin which is ultimately damaging for you. Enter – lotion!

Body Lotion for Healthy Skin

When it comes to moisturising your skin, there’s a plethora of products for you to choose from. Body lotions on the thinnest end of the spectrum, creams in the middle and body butters on the heavier, thicker side of it.

Body lotion has the power to combat dryness by hydrating and moisturising your skin. How frequently you should use a lotion varies from person to person depending on the needs of an individual’s skin. However, making it an everyday habit is a good choice with products which work for your needs. This is because the benefits of body lotion are far and wide spanning seasons, skin types and skin remedies.

Choosing a Body Lotion for YOU!

There are so many lotions available in today’s beauty and skin care world. Which one’s for you? We suggest opting for a body lotion which has one key ingredient in its mix – coconut oil. You can find unrefined, 100% pure, cold pressed coconut oil in the Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This is nature’s elixir packed in a bottle! At Coco Soul, coconut is our favourite ingredient – Made from freshly harvested A1 grade coconuts, rich in lauric acid and Vitamin E, 100% natural and vegan, this oil is the purest form you will find.

Benefits of a Body Lotion in Summer Skincare Routine

The addition of natural, hydrating, and clean formulated body lotion to your skin care in the summer is the kindest thing you can do for your skin. Nature’s goodness in a moisturising lotion has incredible benefits which make your skin healthy and happy. We’ve rounded up some of these benefits for you!

  • Awakens the glow: When you use a coconut oil infused lotion every day, your skin gets just the right amount of moisture and hydration. You will start to glow from the inside out with a noticeable difference in the hydration levels of your skin.
  • So long, wrinkles: The ‘elixir’ of hydration, also known as coconut oil in ancient Ayurveda, is a powerful ingredient which stimulates the production of collagen in the body. This oil in a lotion is all you need as your anti-aging buddy.
  • Soothing softness: Dry skin can be very frustrating, especially when it leaves you with rough patches and less confidence. The most important benefit a lotion can have is a healing, cooling, anti-inflammatory effect on your skin and, guess what? Coconut oil infused ones do possess these properties.
  • Double up as perfume: For a lot of us, the scent of the lotion makes a big difference. Smelling good is a confidence boost to feel good about yourself. Why not try it with a tropical scent? Coconut oil lotions are reminiscent of summer, so try one this summer!
  • Massage therapy: A fragrant lotion infused with the goodness of coconut oil is the best way you can unwind after a long summer day. It stimulates the circulation of blood in your body and calms your nervous system in a relaxing, soothing massage at home.


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