Types of men’s haircuts: names, photos and descriptions

With the onset of warm days, you want change and diversity. Familiar feeling? Then, especially for you, we have prepared a catalog of different types of men’s haircuts. And to make it easier to understand the features of each, catch a photo with names and descriptions!

1. Half box

One of the most popular men’s haircuts, but at the same time, many get confused with it. In the semi-box, the temples and the back of the head are always raised, but the length can be varied.

half box
Photo: kleo.ru

2. Canadian

Shortened temples and the back of the head are combined with slightly longer bangs. Traditionally, the Canadian is lifted up to create volume. The transition is quite soft and imperceptible.

Photo: avon-061.ru

3. Crop

The crop is interesting with a torn cut and the same torn, but smooth length transitions. The haircut is easy to adapt to any face shape, and it does not need styling.

Photo: avon-061.ru

4. Pot

This is an unusual haircut with bangs that maintains length and volume. Recently, it is the pot that is regularly found on the pages of fashionable men’s magazines.

Photo: avon-061.ru

5. Boxing

A timeless classic that will never go out of style. Boxing is very convenient and will definitely suit those who do not like experiments in appearance. It requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to maintain.

Photo: 365woman.ru

6. Top knot

This is the same haircut when a ponytail is attached to the shaved temples and the back of the head. In this case, the upper strands can be quite long.

Top knot

Photo: manrule.ru

7. Fade

The peculiarity of this men’s haircut is a very smooth transition, like an elusive shadow. From above, the hair is longer and tousled, but gradually becomes shorter and shorter.

Photo: hardbro.ru

8. Anderkat

Anderkat has already acquired so many variations and shapes that it will not be difficult to choose it for any face shape. And it goes amazingly well with a curly trimmed beard.

Photo: manrule.ru

9. Page

The page looks a bit like a pot haircut, but often looks more casual. This is a good compromise when you want a stylish, but not too extravagant hairstyle.

Photo: knitting777.blogspot.com

10. Iroquois

Once it was a subcultural hairstyle of rebels, but now it is quite a stylish everyday option. Iroquois differ not only in length, but also in width.

Photo: lifetailored.com

11. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a kind of chaotic cascade for a short length. But behind deliberate negligence lies a carefully thought-out form.

Photo: studiya-strizhek-salon.ru

12. Side part

In fact, this is a regular haircut with a side parting. It must be smooth, clear and pronounced. Sometimes they even shave a small strip for this.

Side part
Photo: avon-061.ru

13. Caesar

A very comfortable haircut attracts with the fact that it is unnecessary to do anything with it. This is the rare case where fashion meets convenience perfectly. By the way, Caesar looks great with staining, even with color.

Photo: avon-061.ru

14. Meng bang

He is also a male bundle. Suitable for lovers of long hair, because this way they will not interfere. Meng bang looks doubly impressive with a thick trimmed beard of a clear shape.

Maine ban
Photo: knitting777.blogspot.com

15. Mallet

For a long time, this haircut seemed to have disappeared from the radar, and now it is back in trend. The mullet with elongated strands at the back is very extravagant and instantly attracts attention.

Photo: lewigs.com

16. Tennis

It is easy to guess that this men’s haircut came to us from the world of sports. She is also characterized by a transition of length, but not so sharp and radical. Most often, 1-2 cm remains in the temporal part, and twice as much on top.


Photo: avon-061.ru

17. Grunge

The main characteristics of grunge are sloppiness and creative mess. This haircut is characterized by a torn cut and graduated strands. Otherwise, it can be both short and shoulder-length.

Photo: manrule.ru

18. Kare

Yes, a square is by no means only a women’s haircut, and lovers of long hair still prefer it. Depending on personal preferences, a straight cut and a ragged cut are equally good. The traditional length is up to the chin line or just above the shoulders.

Photo: manrule.ru

19. Flat top

A spectacular and original version is suitable only for owners of thick and fairly coarse hair. And keep in mind that flat top in most cases requires careful styling.

flat top
Photo: avon-061.ru

20. Hedgehog

A torn hedgehog haircut is very easy to recognize by its characteristic disheveledness. It really resembles the thorns of a hedgehog, and looks very creative, and also a little romantic.

Photo: avon-061.ru

21. Bob

The main feature of the bean is rounded lines, which give the same volume. This is a great choice for men with a narrow or long face. And the bob looks good on curly hair.


Photo: prelestno24.ru

22. Pompadour

One of the most popular men’s haircuts with styling over the past few seasons. The whiskey and the back of the head are very short, but the elongated strands on top will have to be laid in the very “tuft”.

Photo: art-studio74.ru

23. Voyage

Unlike most of these haircuts, the voyage does not require temples shaved almost to zero. It is equally good on straight or curly hair, with or without styling.

Photo: moddam.ru

24. British

The main star of this haircut is the bangs, which remain much longer and require asymmetrical styling. But at the same time, styling the British is easier than most similar hairstyles, including the pompadour.

Photo: avon-061.ru

25. Asymmetry

The name again speaks for itself, and an asymmetrical cut is the main element of such a haircut. Most often it is combined with oblique bangs and side parting.

Photo: hair-man.ruSource — https://lafoy.ru/strizhki-na-korotkie-volosy-pridayushchie-obem-1192

35 trendiest men’s haircuts in 2022 to look brutal and stylish

Men’s haircuts for short hair

Short haircuts have long been a classic for men of all ages. It is difficult to say who absolutely does not fit such options, but it is still important to remember some of the nuances. The main thing is that a haircut should fit into your everyday life, because for a modern person it is important to feel comfortable in any situation. At the same time, the length of such a haircut can be different — from extremely short (1-3 cm) to slightly elongated (15-20 cm). In this collection, we have collected the most popular and relevant haircuts for short hair, which will suit self-confident and stylish men.

Fashionable men’s haircut «boxing»

Short boxing on blond hair / @vladimir_filatov_mgn
Dark short hair with a half-box, side view / @13byblackstar.spb

In short: a versatile haircut for those who value comfort.

Who wears from the stars: Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Sam Worthington.

What is special: this option is distinguished by its restraint and practicality, because it does not require special care and everyday styling. To create a box haircut, you will need a machine with different attachments. At the top of the head, the hair is shaved up to 4 centimeters, and all other parts are removed with a trimmer to almost zero. In this case, the transition line should be as smooth as possible, only then the difference between the back of the head and the temples will be visible.

Who it suits: The box haircut is suitable for men with an oval and rectangular head shape, as short hair sharpens the lines on the face a little.

Haircut «Half box»

Photo of a semi-box on dark short hair on the side / @antonthebarber

Briefly: men’s haircut without sharp changes in length.

Who wears from the stars: Tom Hardy, Zac Efron, Colin Farrell, Gerard Butler, Matt Damon.

What is special: unlike classic boxing, the haircut is devoid of sharp transitions in length. Here you can show your imagination and choose the perfect option according to your personal preferences. According to the technique, the back of the head and temples remain shortened, and the hair on the crown and bangs can be about 7 centimeters. Thanks to the soft transition on the hair, grace and sexuality appear in the image of a man.

Who it’s for: Ideal for men with thick and straight hair, because thinning men will notice the difference. The half-box also smooths out too sharp outlines of a square face and helps to elongate a round oval. But at the same time, men with a triangular shape should refuse a haircut so as not to increase the upper part of the head.

Haircut «British»

«British» on short dark hair, front photo / @antonthebarber

Briefly: men’s haircut straight from England

Who wears from the stars: Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake and Yegor Creed.

What is special: a haircut cannot be done on extremely short hair. Therefore, for some time the length will still have to be grown. British is an ideal option for real gentlemen who always look well-groomed and sophisticated. A short temple and nape emphasize a restrained character, and an elongated bang gives the image a slight rebelliousness.

Who will suit: when choosing a haircut, it is important to reckon with the internal attitude to life, since the “British” is best suited for calm and tactful representatives of the stronger sex. Carefully you need to choose such a haircut for men of a thin physique, as it visually narrows the head. It is best to have thick and straight hair because curly hair gives the haircut a messy look.


«Canadian» on dark blond short hair, side view / @antonovstyle.ru

Briefly : a stylish men’s haircut named after a part of Canadian hockey players

Who wears from the stars: Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine, Charlie Hunnam and Jensen Ackles.

What is special : today the «Canadian» is considered to be one of the most versatile haircuts. It is shortened hair at the back of the head and temples with a sharp transition characteristic of it. The length of the bangs is more than 5 centimeters, so the man has several styling options at once. The hair itself is most often combed back, but it all depends on your personal preferences.

Who will suit : according to stylists, this haircut is completely universal and can be worn by people with different face shapes, hair types, professions and characters.

Haircut «Hedgehog»

«Hedgehog» on short dark hair, side photo / @beauty.salon_success
Short hair with a hedgehog haircut, front view / @ana_smirnovaa

Briefly : a men’s haircut that is very easy to style

What is special : in the classic version, a machine with a special nozzle or ordinary scissors along with a comb is used for cutting. As a result, the hair should be even and the same length on the entire surface of the head. Due to the short strands, the «hedgehog» practically does not require any daily care and emphasizes the natural strength of a man.

Who suits : despite its versatility in wearing, a haircut may not suit the romantic and creative types of men. When choosing, look at the shape of your head, and how symmetrical your facial features are. «Hedgehog» is ideal for men with coarse straight hair, round or oval face shape and athletic build.


Dark blonde short hair with an undercut on the side / @menshairs

Briefly : men’s haircut in order to look brutal

Who wears from the stars: David Beckham, Ivan Urgant and Brad Pitt.

What is special : the main feature of the undercut is the absence of any smooth transition between long and short hair. According to the technique, the temples and the back of the head are completely shaved on the head, and long strands from the top of the head are superimposed on them.

Who it’s for: Men with thick, straight hair will look best because curly hair is harder to style. The undercut has many different options, the appropriate length and technique are chosen based on the external and individual characteristics of the client.

Military short hair

Short hair and military / @loui_blendzx

Briefly: men’s haircuts are not only for the military

What is special: it is the shortest length of hair over the entire head, which is why it practically does not need care and styling. Men appreciate it for its simplicity and comfortable wear, so people with an active lifestyle should take a closer look at the haircut.

Suitable for: almost zero length is suitable only for men with a beautiful skull shape, because due to the short length, all flaws become visible even to the naked eye. This option is better to choose for men with sparse hair or balding in certain places. So they can hide age-related changes and give their appearance more masculinity.

Hitler Youth

«Hitler Youth» on short black hair / @barberroombogota

Briefly: the haircut worn by the German commander in chief

Who wears from the stars: Brad Pitt, Zachary Quinto.

What is special: the characteristic feature of the haircut is that the shaved temples form a smooth transition in combination with a long top, which is neatly combed back. If you want to open your face and get the most severe look, then the Hitler Youth is best suited for this effect.

Who it’s for: It looks best on men and young adults with lean builds and fine features. Owners of a round face shape and noticeable cheeks should avoid the «Hitler Youth», because then their face will appear even wider.


Short blonde hair and the Playground / @barberroombogota

Briefly: men’s haircut, like a terminator

What is special: for this short haircut, the hair is cut from above in the form of a flat horizontal line, so it looks like a platform. According to the classical technique, the temples and the back of the head are shaved almost to zero, and the length of the upper hair is 2-5 cm.

Who it’s for: The haircut is ideal for men with thick and coarse hair. If you have a round face, then choose the maximum length of the upper hair, so it will be possible to highlight the line of the cheekbones. But if you have an elongated or oval face, we advise you to choose the shortest length on top, otherwise it will seem even longer. The haircut gained its popularity after the release of «The Terminator» with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but at one time it was also worn by Jim Carrey.

Fade and its new variants

Briefly: a haircut with five options

What is special: the main feature of the haircut is its smooth lines and well-defined edging. In addition to a neat and masculine look, fade is a very comfortable and practical option to wear, because it will remain in perfect condition for 2-3 weeks.

low fade
Low fade on short black hair / @antonthebarber

The transition from long and short hair begins at the back of the head. The end result looks like a drop that wraps around the ear and runs down the neck.

Medium fade
Short dark hair and medium fade / @mod_premium

This haircut differs from the low fade in that it starts above the ears in the middle. This is not such a serious and conservative option, so it is much easier to style.

high fade
High fade with short black hair / @taiga.barbershop

A haircut is perfect for those men who want to shorten their hair on the sides and leave the length on top. The transition line takes a total of 5 centimeters.

Shaved fade
Shaved fade with short black hair / @antonthebarber

First, we start shaving the hair at the back of the head and temples, and then proceed to the hair at the crown. Due to this, a sharp contrast is obtained, ideal for bold and self-confident men.

Long fade
Long fade on short blond hair on the side / @antonthebarber

In this version, short hair from above smoothly falls into a “zero” haircut. In many ways, the haircut resembles an undercut, but is smoother in its transition.

Haircut «Beaver»

Short blond hair and «Beaver» / @mod_premium

Briefly: a mixture of two other men’s haircuts — «hedgehog» and «bean»

What is special: most often this haircut is classified as short, but sometimes the hair on the crown can be long. Unlike other techniques, it does not have soft transitions, so the whiskey is cut very short. You can choose for yourself several options for this haircut, depending on the features of the face and your own preferences.

Suitable for: «beaver» can be chosen by a man of any age and status in society. The haircut will look especially good on those who have a round face shape and cheeks, because with its help you will be able to visually narrow them. Also suitable for owners of a large head, with its help you can create the necessary balance.

Haircut for brave men — Mohawk for short hair

Mohawk on short blond hair / @dakon_barber

Briefly: a haircut that was borrowed from Native Americans

Who wears from the stars: David Beckham, Jared Leto, Chester Bennington.

What is special: In the modern version, the master completely shaves the temples and the back of the head, leaving only a thin strip on the crown. Contrast and a rigid shape are achieved through special styling products, but the border can be either smooth or very noticeable.

Who will suit: the haircut looks best on young guys, as it clearly does not fit the status of a family man and a businessman. Iroquois should be chosen by men with hard and straight hair, because otherwise they will have to be constantly straightened and styled. The haircut will visually stretch and narrow the face, so it is better for narrow rectangular faces to refuse such a bright choice.


Black short hair and tennis haircut / @barber.clips

Briefly: the most versatile men’s haircut for short hair

What is special: tennis is a haircut with a short length in the back of the head and temples, but with longer strands on the crown and crown. Despite the obvious difference, the transition is almost invisible, and the hair is set up on top and slightly combed back.

Who will suit: if you are looking for the most versatile and suitable haircut option, then it is better to opt for “tennis”. Men with a round shape should choose a voluminous crown, with an oval face — leave the average length, and with a diamond-shaped and triangular shape, you should take a «tennis» with a small bang.


«Caesar» on black short hair / @barber.clips

Briefly: a man’s haircut, which appeared thanks to the Roman commander.

Who wears from the stars: Timati, George Clooney, Eminem.

What is special: the “Caesar” is characterized by an evenly defined short bangs and a neat transition to the main length of the hair. Gradation should be chosen individually, but the main principle is a completely shaved nape with a hairline to the earlobes.

Who it’s for: Looks great on men of any hair thickness and face shape, as well as any age.


Blonde short hair and Princeton, side photo / @gentlemen_spb

In short: a men’s haircut that goes perfectly with the classic style of clothing.

What makes it special: Three main features are important for a Princeton: smooth and neat lines, long hair at the top of the head, and a well-groomed shape. From above, the strands are about 5 centimeters, and after that they smoothly go to the temples and become invisible.

Who it suits: At first glance, it seems that this haircut is only suitable for office workers and students, but in fact, the «princeton» is very versatile. You can always choose different styling options. At the same time, it is worth giving up a haircut for those who are not used to caring for their hair and very rarely use special tools.


Haircut «Pompadour» on short blond hair / @chain_barbershop

In short: Made a real revolution

Who wears from the stars: Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Bruno Mars, Charlie Sims.

What is special: the haircut combines short temples and an elongated top, which smoothly goes into the bangs line. It is important to create a difference in the length of the side hair and at the crown.

Who will suit: such a haircut requires constant styling and careful care, so it should not be chosen by those who are not ready to spend time creating the desired effect.

Haircut options for men for medium length hair

For many trendy men’s haircuts, the average length is still the most relevant. Johnny Depp, Kit Harington and Orlando Bloom wear bob haircuts. And a simplified version of the Fox Hawk mohawk is worn by David Beckham, Zac Efron and Zeine Malik. In this case, the length of such a haircut may be different. Medium haircuts are considered options with an elongated crown or bangs, as well as those hairstyles that reach the chin or shoulder line. The length and shape is selected for each individual, but there are many different and interesting options at your disposal. We offer you to look at stylish men’s haircuts for medium hair from our selection.


Quiff with medium length black hair / @barberroombogota

Briefly: a men’s haircut that combines the elements of «pompadour» and «mohawk»

What is special: it is characterized by the contrast between short side hair and long strands in the crown area. Everyone chooses an individual length for themselves, but the difference between the areas should be obvious.

Who it’s for: The haircut will look good on men of all ages, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For chubby ones, it is undesirable to remove the entire length from the sides; for a square shape, you need to leave some hair in the crown area. And in order to avoid the “pulling” effect, it is better for men with oval faces to shorten the hair at the top.


«Voyage» on medium length hair / @schorembarbier

Briefly: a men’s haircut that creates a cap on the head

What is special: it differs in volume in the parietal zone and a short transition in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head. In this case, you can modify this classic haircut, because today you can try completely different options.

Who suits : a haircut will not look so good on older men, but it all depends on your taste preferences. For men with wavy hair, it is better to choose a softer and smoother transition, and with hard strands, a sharp contrast between the length looks.

Elongated faces will look favorably with a shorter version, we advise you to lay the bangs to the side for chubby ones. And for a triangular shape, it is worth leaving long strands.

Haircut «Bob»

Bob on light brown hair of medium length, side view / @taiga.barbershop
Medium length dark hair and bob / @schorembarbier

Briefly: the most popular men’s haircut in the twentieth century

Who wears from the stars: Johnny Depp, Kit Harington, Orlando Bloom.

What is special: for a “bob” for medium hair, the volume goes to the crown and crown area. The front strands are usually shortened, with the only exception being a square. The strands at the back do not need to be shortened, because they make the haircut lush and harmonious.

Who it’s for: Ideal for men with straight and thick hair. At the same time, curly guys can forget about this haircut, otherwise they will get a slightly sloppy look. Bob also adds volume to the sides, so men with a round face should avoid it.

Fox Hawk

Medium blond hair and Fox Hawk / @topgun_spb_ozerki

Briefly: a man’s haircut named after a bird

Who wears from the stars: David Beckham, Zac Efron and Zayn Malik.

What is special: the technique lies in the fact that the hair is cut at a crooked angle, and the difference between them resembles a hawk’s beak. We can say that this is a simplified version of the Mohawk, where the sides remain in place, but at the same time rise up.

Who will suit: like the Mohawk, the haircut is relevant for people with an active lifestyle. There are no restrictions on the type of face, but it is better not to choose a man with curly hair.

Side Part

Medium dark hair and side part / @barberroombogota

Briefly: men’s haircut for real aristocrats

What is special: the classic version is characterized by an even, neat parting that separates the hair smoothly combed to the side. The minimum length of all strands should be 3-4 centimeters, only then it turns out to separate them along the growth line. There are a lot of haircut styling options, but the main thing is that there is a parting, on the one hand.

Who will suit: the classic suits absolutely everyone, so it is worn by men of different ages, hair types, head shapes and social status. The only exception will be the owners of rare strands, otherwise all the flaws can be seen with the naked eye.


«Sagittarius» on medium length hair, side photo / @schorembarbier

Briefly: a stylish men’s haircut for real romantics

What is special: Sagittarius differs from others in its high side parting and long bangs. The hair itself remains medium, but the temple forms a sharp corner. For the best effect, you need to profile the front strands, then they will neatly overlap each other.

Who it’s for: It looks best on men with straight and coarse hair, because curly and wavy curls will add softness and romance to your look. Thanks to asymmetry, you can profitably adjust facial features, so chubby guys should pay attention to a haircut. Sagittarius looks interesting on aged men, since with the help of styling it is easy to fill in gaps in thinning places.

Graduated caret

Graduated caret on medium hair of a dark blond shade / @barber.josh.op

Briefly: a fashionable men’s haircut, which was worn in ancient Egypt

Who wears from the stars: Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Ben Barnes and Bradley Cooper.

What is special: during the execution of a graduated caret, it is important to focus on the length near the earlobe. All lines remain natural and smooth, so the haircut looks light and careless.

Who will suit: the square looks great on men with an oval and rectangular face shape, and it is better for a triangular type to add oblique bangs to your image. A haircut will not work for guys with wavy hair, otherwise it will take a long time to style naughty strands.


Shaggy on light brown hair of medium length / @coiffeurstory

Briefly: men’s messy haircut from the 70s

Who wears from the stars: Gerald Butler, Patrick Swayze.

What is special: when cutting, each strand is slightly pulled back and cut randomly. Thanks to this, the hairstyle takes on a slightly sloppy look. All hair is divided into different sections, so they have slightly different lengths.

Who it’s for: Ideal for men with thin hair because this technique gives the curls just the right amount of volume. If you have an asymmetrical face, then thanks to shaggy, you can smooth out facial features.


«Hat» on dark hair of medium length / @schorembarbier

Briefly: men’s haircut for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Who wears from the stars: Justin Bieber, Cillian Murphy.

What is special: although earlier such a haircut was called a “voyage”, today it has gained popularity under a slightly different guise. Its feature was a clear round shape, a smooth silhouette and volume in the crown area. On medium hair, you can make an asymmetric or clear version.

Who will suit: the haircut should be selected depending on the type of hair. So thin ones will seem a little thicker, wavy ones will take on a more elegant style, and hard ones will become soft and manageable to wear.

Long men’s haircuts

Today, long male hair speaks of the inner character of a man. He can be creative or a brutal rebel. At the same time, the length looks best on men with thick and straight hair, so they make the image masculine, not romantic. The length of the curls should be at least 20 cm, even if your haircut option provides for partially shaved areas of the temples or the back of the head. In the article, we will help you understand all the intricacies of long men’s haircuts and decide on your option, which is in trend in 2021.

ponytail haircut

Ponytail on long black hair, side photo / @arjunmahesh8501

Briefly: a stylish men’s haircut for independent men

Who wears from the stars: Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Christian Bale.

What is special: you can make a haircut both above and below the top of the head. For the desired effect, it is better to have hair 20-22 cm long. The haircut is very convenient for everyday wear, as the strands do not get into your eyes.

Who will suit: in terms of age, there are no special restrictions, since in any case, a haircut will give a man a certain charm. But, alas, this hairstyle is only suitable for people with an oval head shape, because otherwise all the flaws will be visible. A ponytail haircut can be out of place for the average office worker, so it’s important to be exempt from a strict dress code.


Long dark brown hair and mullet / @olivier_thebarber

Briefly: men’s retro haircut

What makes it special: The mullet suggests cut hair at the front of the head and elongated at the back. You control how obvious the contrast between them will be, so there are several variations of this haircut at once.

Who it’s for: The haircut will look good on men with a round or square face type, because the lines visually stretch all the features. Suitable for those who have small bald patches on their heads, its volume will hide obvious flaws.


Braids on dark long hair, top view / @zeneafroestilo

Briefly: a male haircut popular among rappers

What is special: the longer your hair, the more interesting patterns and options you can try. This hairstyle consists of about a hundred braids, which are sometimes called boxer. They are made from their own hair, weaving special threads into them. It takes more than six hours in time, and you can wear them for about a month.

Who it’s for: Remember that pigtails make the face look bigger, so they will look good on men with a thin face. They should not be worn by owners of too large facial features, otherwise they will become even larger.


Grunge on long dark hair / @barber.josh.op

Briefly: male musicians haircut

Who wears from the stars: Robert Pattinson, Zac Efran, Douglas Booth.

What is special: the shortest hair here is on the temples and sides, for the best effect, filleting scissors are used. A special line is formed from the back of the head, which creates a smooth and neat transition.

Who suits: the right grunge can not only emphasize the merits, but also hide the flaws. So men with a round head will visually correct it, and long strands hide an overly large forehead. The haircut will not look so good on curly and wavy hair, so it is better to choose it for a hard and straight texture of curls.

Top Knot

«Top Knot» with long black hair, side photo / @petafranklinhair

Briefly: a men’s haircut, which means «knot» in translation.

Who wears from the stars: Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio.

What is special: there are several different options for this haircut at once. So you can tighten the bun at the top or shave off the hair at the bottom. The minimum length of the strands should be 15 centimeters, that is, about the size of your palm.

Who it suits: the haircut looks best on men with an oval and round face shape, but it should be abandoned for guys with a thin physique. The owners of curly curls are also unlucky, because it is ideal for a straight and hard type

Source — https://femmie.ru/luchshie-muzhskie-strizhki-393450/

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