Guide on shopping the best dress fabric

When shopping for your dress fabric, the choice you have out there are many, making it confusing to select the right one. There are several factors that you need to consider while selecting dressmaking fabrics. Some of the significant factors to consider –

  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Design
  • Material
  • Season
  • Fabric quality
  • Texture
  • And more.

Here are some of the important factors that should be considered while selecting the dressmaking fabric

Quality of the fabric

Always ensure to check the quality of the fabric when selecting your dress. Check the fibre, colour and durability of the fabric. Best quality fabric will be spotless and will not stretch or shrink even after multiple wear and washes. Be it cotton, denim, silk or any other material, certain properties distinguish high-quality fabric from low-quality ones.

Another factor that decides the quality of the fabric is the shrinkage after use. The shrinking of the fabric material differs based on the type of weave and fibre. Check for the pre-shrunk fabric label. Else give an extra 10% for shrinkage of the cloth to ensure better dress design.

Material that suits your body and event

When you have a reason to purchase the dress fabric, ensure that the material is suitable for the occasion. Not all fabrics are suitable for all types of activities, seasons or occasions. For instance, it does not look good to enjoy an athletic event in a tulle dress. Woollen clothes are good to be worn in the hilly regions but not on a desert trip. Cotton is the perfect material during hot summers as it helps in cooling the skin.

Pattern and colour of the fabric

Colour and pattern of the fabric is an important factor to consider. Ensure to choose the fabric that complements your skin tone. Also choose the right coloured fabric based on the occasion, such as wedding, sports or office wears.

It is always best to shop for the fabric in broad daylight, as the artificial light may change the appearance of the actual colour. Similarly, daylight helps in distinguishing the pattern variation. Carefully choose the pattern and design that helps in making the perfect dress.

Another important factor to consider is the colour is evenly spread across the fabric without any spots or streaks. Check the fabric for any signs of uneven dyeing that might ruin the dress.

Check the Fabric Weight

Weight of fabric or grams per sq meter helps in determining how lightweight the fabric is. Check the thickness of the material to differentiate the material. Materials such as organza, chiffon, tulle are lightweight fabrics. Denim, woollen clothes are heavyweight materials and Jersey, velvet, and satin are medium weight fabrics.

The fabric weight helps in determining the suitability of wearing the dress for a particular occasion or season.

Hopefully, the article helps you decide on buying the appropriate #type of dress fabric material confidently.  Always remember – choose the material based on the need of the garment and the design that you may have in your mind. 


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