Mats for Your Salon: Why These are Necessary

If you are a hair stylist or a salon professional, you are bound to stand most of the time of your work time. On a busy day, you will be tired only after the half of the work hour. Standing such a long time will make your sore and you will desperately need some comfort. This comfort can be given by anti-fatigue mats only. These mats will help the professionals to give some rest to the feet and work for long hours without any problem. But choosing the right mat along with cheap salon chairs is necessary for every salon. The right size, shape and thickness will give every salon a proper environment for all the professionals.

The thickness

The thickness is the main thing that provides comfort to the professionals as they stand for long hours. Choose a thickness that is comfortable for you. Experts suggest that no one should use a mat that is less than ½” thick. If it is less than ½” thick, the anti-fatigue quality won’t be there.


No client would like to trip as he or she approaches the chair or shampoo station. A mat with edges would even cause issues to the professional. Tripping several times during any session is problematic for any professional. Make sure to choose salon floor mats with sloping edge which will keep both the professional and the client safe.

Shape and size


Always remember that your mats should match with the chairs and also be suitable to the salon space. The mats come in different sizes like circular, rectangular, hexagon and more. Choose mats that go well with your salon space. The cut-out should also match the base of the chair. It won’t be tough to find the mats as different styles are offered by online and offline stores.


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