The importance of lighting candles and the meaning of their colors

The candle represents the sunlight, which gives life to everything, and favors the transmutation of energies, giving us strength and warmth. It is why even the simplest rituals often include a lit candle. The glowing flame of the candles attracts the Angels, the Saints, or any spiritual guide.

Today we light a candle because it represents the devotion of the one who lights it. For example, the so-called “seven-day candle”, or “fourteen-day candle” available at nu-botanics online store, lit for seven days/fourteen days in a row for more difficult requests that require stronger spiritual help. The size and color of the chosen candle must always suit the purpose for which it is intended.

White candle and its spirituality

It can be used whenever you want. If you do not have candles of the color indicated in the ritual, use white candles. As it represents purity and spirituality, it is always positive and helps to increase the energy of any ritual, being especially indicated to obtain greater spiritual protection, defend against negative energies, strengthen personal energy, attract peace and maintain harmony.

Yellow candle and its spirituality

Evoking the creative force of the Sun, it helps to improve communication and attract success. It is especially indicated for rituals aimed at professional and financial success, and works that are linked to the public or to creativity, business and the commercial area.

Orange candle and its spirituality

It transmits very strong positive energy. It helps to have motivation, strength and courage to overcome challenges, being especially indicated in rituals aimed at overcoming obstacles.

Pink candle and its spirituality

It relates to emotions, sweet, delicate and true feelings. It emphasizes romance and love, being ideal for rituals that aim to improve a relationship with another person. It is one of the colors of Venus.

Red candle and its spirituality

It emphasizes ardent passion, sexuality, and represents courage, strength, dynamism and energy. It is related to Mars and is especially indicated for rituals related to love, stimulating sexuality, and with difficult undertakings that require a lot of strength.

Blue candle and its spirituality

It relates to ideas, intellect, logical reasoning, calm, and tranquility. It is best suited for rituals related to studies, exams, or professional life, whenever there is a need for inspiration and greater harmony in the environment.

Purple candle and its spirituality

Color linked to spirituality, it is used for rituals that are related to elevation, intuition, or that aim to calm, promote peace, tranquility and harmony.

Green candle and its spirituality

Representing vitality, growth, stability and hope, it is the color of healing, which relates to the planet Venus and Archangel Raphael, who restores health. It is ideal for rituals related to physical health, healing from past hurts, restoring heart health.

Golden candle and its spirituality

It represents the sunshine, excellence, nobility. It should be used for rituals related to money and success or actions of a noble character, difficult requests or lofty goals.

Silver candle and its spirituality

It represents the energy of the Moon. It attracts spiritual protection, helps unravel mysteries and is used in rituals aimed at developing intuition or increasing fertility.




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