The Next-Gen Lil Solid 2.0 For Heating Tobacco From IQOS

The Next-Gen Lil Solid 2.0 For Heating Tobacco From IQOS 

Many gadgets were introduced to heat tobacco to the desired temperature. One such gadget belongs to IQOS. They started introducing their tobacco heating units in the year 2020. Their introductions have created a sensation in the world of tobacco heating devices and have successfully gained the required attention in the world. 

IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 is one of the many most-preferred tobacco heating units. One full battery charge can offer up to 25 sessions, and each session can be dragged for more than 5 minutes than the previous one. It belongs to the South Korean market and offers smoke-free sessions to tobacco smokers. You can check the webpage of IQOS for more information. 

Working Mechanism 

Lil Solid 2.0 is a gadget that is manufactured by the Korean company KT&G and is collaborated with the IQOS brand. The tobacco that is placed inside the unit will be heated to 300 to 350 degrees Celsius. Even though the temperature is quite high for heating tobacco, the unit will not let the product catch fire. 

The tobacco that is heated to the temperature of 300 to 350 degrees will be converted into aerosol condition, and this is the smoky form of the product. The users can enjoy inhaling their favourite flavour of tobacco while e-vaping. This unit is portable and can be carried around anywhere everywhere. 

Features of Solid 2.0 

Solid 2.0 is composed of high battery power and this factor makes it possible for users to light up 25 sticks after each charge. There are no such tobacco heating units that can charge 25 sticks per charge, and the maximum number of sticks that can be heated with each charge in case of the other tobacco heating units is 20. 

Parts of Solid 2.0 

The parts of this tobacco heating unit consist of a cover as required for the insertion of the stick into the pack. This cover is attached to the cap of the unit. Next comes the button that is required not only to light the unit, but also to connect the heating unit to the charging port. 

The lit-up LED light after pressing the button will be shut off after the unit is heated completely. Hence, it is an indication that you can now plug off the heating unit from the charging port. The blue-coloured light indicates that the unit is 60% charged. The ice blue colour light indicates that the unit is 30% charged, and the orange coloured light indicates that the battery has reached the limit of 1% and requires immediate charging. 

If you see the red light on the solid 2.0 unit, then you should understand that it should be connected to the charging unit as soon as possible. 

When you purchase a Solid 2.0 tobacco heating unit, you can find an AC-powered adapter, USB cable for portable charging with any device, including the laptop or computer, a dual cleaner system for keeping the unit clean, and the user kit to understand how the whole unit works. 

If you wish to enjoy a smoking aerosol form of tobacco anytime anywhere, then this Solid 2.0 unit is the best option for you.


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