The Ultimate Air Jordan 1 Sizing Guide

Air Jordan 1s are a hot commodity right now with new releases coming out almost every month! And if you’re a fan of Air Jordans, you probably already know how fast these sneakers sell out.

That’s why it’s important to know your shoe size beforehand. This way, you don’t lose any time trying to figure out shoe conversions and sizes. So save yourself from buying the wrong shoe size or being too late to buy, and keep reading our article about sizing your Nike Air Jordan 1s!

What’s the Difference Between Nike Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 1?

Nike Air and Air Jordan are very different. For example, Nike Air Jordan is a collaboration with Micheal Jordan. While Air Jordan is a solo project that was funded and manufactured by Nike.

There are also some structural differences between the two. For example, the Air Jordan 1 has a thicker heel and appears taller.

Therefore, you’ll gain about an inch of height– as well as some ankle support. In contrast, Nike Air Jordan doesn’t provide as much ankle support.

Is There a Difference in Fit Between Nike Air Jordan 1 and Regular Air Jordan?

Because of the structural differences, the sizing for these shoes does vary. So you might not be the same size in both styles. For Air Jordan 1 you can go a half size down if you want more room.

However, if you like a tight fit, then use your regular shoe size. You could also make the laces tighter if you want the feel to be more secure! For Nike Air Jordan doesn’t have thicker parts. Therefore, they fit true to size

Other Air Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 white has a lot of variations. For example, some of his shoes are mid-length– while others are a high top.

The style of the show will affect how well they fit your foot. So let’s learn more about other Air Jordan sneakers!

Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordan Mids should sit a few inches above your ankles. They’re not considered a true “high top” but they definitely have some length to them. The fit of these shoes can be a little bigger on some people but it all depends on your foot shape and size.

For instance, if you have slimmer feet, you should consider going a size down. That’s because the width of most Air Jordan 1 Mids is a lot larger.

Therefore, they might fit you length-wise, but you’ll have some room on the sides. However, if you like a shoe with some wiggle room, then pick your regular shoe size. For example, if you’re a size 7 with an average foot width, then a size 7 for mids will fit you perfectly!

Air Jordan 1 Low

Air Jordan 1 Low’s should sit right on your ankles. However, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG’s are shaped a little differently. But let’s start off with regular Air Jordan 1 Low.

A good comparison of Air Jordan 1 Low’s is regular white Nike Airforces. So if you own a pair of Airforces just go by the same size you have in these.

Nevertheless, many buyers say that Air Jordan Low’s are true to size. So you should be the same size you are in other shoes. For Air Jordan 1 Low OG, you’ll notice the tongue of the shoe is lower– as opposed to a regular Air Jordan Low where the tongue is slightly elevated.

Therefore, for Air Jordan 1 Low OG, you might want to size up especially if you have a thicker foot. However, for medium to slim builds, your regular shoe size will fit just fine!

Air Jordan 1 Women’s

A lot of Jordan 1 shoes are very gender-neutral, meaning both men and women can wear them. But sometimes, you’ll see a shoe release that’s marketed towards women. Luckily, the same shoe sizing applies to these kinds of sneakers.

The only time where you might run into some issues is when you have to buy a men’s Air Jordan 1 and convert it to a women’s size. This actually happens a lot since most Air Jordan 1 is made for men. But don’t worry, because we got you covered!

For starters, Air Jordan sizes go by wholes and halves. For example, you’ll see an 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, and so on. However, an 8.5 in men is not the same as an 8.5 in women.

For every men’s shoe size, you’ll want to subtract 1.5. So let’s say you’re looking for a size 7 in women but they only carry men’s sizes.

What you’ll do is subtract 1.5 from 7 (7-1.5) which leaves you with 5.5. Therefore, your size in men’s Air Jordan will be 5.5!

What To Do if Your Sneakers Don’t Fit True to Size

A lot of items when you first get Air Jordan 1 sneakers, you have to wait for the material to expand and shift. So before reselling or trying to return them try and give them a couple of wears.

If it’s already been some weeks and the fit isn’t true to size, here are some hacks you can follow. For starters, if the fit is too loose, wear double socks to fill in the extra space.

But if the size is too large, try loosening the laces and readjusting the tongue of the shoe. Your last resort is to resell your sneakers or try to return them. However, this can take a long time. Therefore, it’s important to know about sizing before you buy some Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

The Best Fit of Your Life

Air Jordan 1 has some of the hottest sneakers which is why it’s important to get your perfect size. The last thing you want is an oversized shoe or tight fit! So be sure to follow this guide before buying Air Jordan sneakers.

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