Tips for planning a Muslim wedding

 For every person across the world, a wedding means happiness, celebration, and unity to them. And, the same goes for the Islamic culture which is a bit different from the other cultures. Be it an Indian wedding or a Western format, there are some elements of a Muslim wedding that remain constant all over the world. 

Through this blog, we have shared with you some valuable tips for planning your Muslim wedding with a richness of traditions and cultures.


      Pick the right month to marry

For booking a wedding date, most Muslims favor the month of Shawwal, a sacred month in the Islamic calendar. Although there are many favorable times in a year you should avoid the months of Muharram and Ramadan. Apart from these two sacred months, you are free to pick up a date from your favorite season to have a joyous wedding ceremony. 

       Choose the location

It is not compulsory in Islam to marry in a mosque. You have a vast range of options to choose the best wedding location of your choice. Be it a small intimate family gathering or a large circle of friends, you are all free to decide the venue of the celebration accordingly. 

       Find the vendors, caterers, photographers, henna artists, musicians

Start looking for the vendors, caterers, photographers, henna artists and musicians with much time in your hand. Make appointments with them and review their work. Check the quality and service of these professionals. Select the reliable and the best one and finalize the deal. 

       Plan your wedding feast

A wedding celebration is incomplete without having a grand delicious wedding feast. Discuss with your family and make a final menu of food and drink along with the number of guests. 

       Decide on Meher

Meher or Mahr, the agreeable amount of money made by the groom to the bride, is an operation of law and is executed by both parties. This is one of the important things to think about once the date has been set. It is discussed privately between both the families and it may include anything from a piece of lavish jewelry to clothing or simple money payment.

       Choose the Invitation cards

Invitation cards form an integral part and highlight features of a wedding celebration. The selection of invitation cards has to be done at least 6 weeks before the wedding. Choose the best design to suit your wedding theme. The Muslim wedding invitation cards are available in a broad range of designs, cuts, colors and patterns. You can go for a traditional invitation or a contemporary one.

       Guest list

First of all, decide the number of guests you would like to invite for the wedding ceremony. Make every one of your family sit and list down all the names they would like to invite. 

       Finalize Pre-wedding ceremonies

Each person plays an important part in a wedding program. The most important among them is that the officiator, also known as Qazi or Imam, must be sent a reminder to be present at the very time. 

       Get rings, flower garlands, contracts ready for the wedding day

Wedding day is the busiest day and so it is required to get all the necessities ready before the day itself. Important things like rings, flower garlands, contracts and pens for signing must get ready before the very day. Entrust all the vital elements to a reliable person. 


So put in your time to prepare well for the day of your dream. The union of the two families is something special to be celebrated. Indulge in the feeling of happiness and look forward to the new phase of your life.


Muslim wedding invitation cards

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