Wedding ring is a sign of commitment

Wedding ring is a sign of commitment0

Wedding rings are wedding bands that are worn by both parties as a symbol of undying love for eternity. Jewellers Sell wedding rings [ขาย แหวน แต่งงาน, which is the term in Thai] throughout the year as wedding rings are popular choice for marriages. Wedding rings are associated with eternity and infinity as they are made in a circular shape. A circle symbolizes Infinity as it has no beginning and end. People Nowadays prefer diamond rings over any other type of ring as diamond symbolizes strength. However, it is not necessary that you can only use diamond rings. You can make your wedding rings using other stones. Every stone has different meanings that symbolize your relationship.

Whose commitment is signified with a wedding ring?

Generally people believe that a wedding ring is a symbol of commitment that you are making to your better half. Exchanging rings also means that you are giving a ring as a symbol of love and fidelity. You can make your wedding bands more personal by engraving something meaningful on them. Engraved wedding rings are very popular in today’s time. Engraved wedding rings help you to say your feelings without using words.

Type of metal used for making rings

  • Platinum is a popular choice for wedding rings. There are many Diamond Ring Shop (ร้าน แหวน เพชร which is the term in Thai] that use this prestigious metal in crafting wedding rings. Platinum rings are very costly as they are hypoallergenic in nature.
  • Yellow or white gold is the most common type of metal used for making wedding rings. They are the traditional type of wedding rings. They are less costly when compared to platinum rings.
  • Rose gold is another metal that is gaining importance in the race of wedding ring metals. It is assumed that the rose gold ring symbolizes love.


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